"Overdrive Accelerate"-Morphing Call

"Kick it into Overdrive"-Roll Call

"Red Sentinel Ranger"-Battleizer call

Alyssa Hartford is the daughter of Mack Hartford and granddaughter of Andrew Hartford and is the Big sister of Jacob Hartford and June Hartford and the new Red Overdrive Ranger (Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive)


Early LifeEdit

Alyssa was young after the demons were defeated She spend time with her father when her father left for the Legendary War she train extra hard when a mysterious monster have taken her Mack spend his life looking for her as Andrew suddenly found Alyssa in the sea cave where she trained and she told him a monster have taken her for her dad to search for her.

Ranger DutiesEdit

Few Years later Alyssa turned 17 and returned from her exploring school as she sees Spencer and tells him she can handle her own stuff as she looks around thinking how much she misses her dad so much when she went to High School for her Senior year she met her friends from her first year saying that she’ll not give up to Find her Father When they saw 2 villains named Fluffy and Scarina who are the twins sisters of her father’s enemies and were wearing the masks to increase they’re powers as Andrew arrived as gave them they’re trackers as Alyssa became the new Overdrive Red Ranger.




  • Mack Hartford - Father
  • Andrew Hartford - Grandfather
  • Emilie Carter - Mother
  • Jacob Hartford - Younger Brother
  • June Hartford - Younger Sisiter


Ranger formsEdit



Background NotesEdit

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