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"Go, Go Megaforce"-Morphing Call

"Fury of the Dragon! Megaforce Red!"-Roll Call

"Storm Power! Ultra Megaforce Red!" -Ultra Mode Roll Call

"Go, Go Super Mega mode!"-Super Mega mode morph call

"Super Megaforce Red"-Roll Call in Super Mega mode

"(Super) Mega Rangers, that's a (Super) Mega Win!" ―Andrea after a victory in a Megazord Battle

Andrea Burrows is the daughter of Troy Burrows and Emma Goodall and is the new Red Megaforce Ranger (Power Rangers: Megaforce)


Early LifeEdit

Andrea was young after the events of the Legendary War she spends her time training with her dad and went on nature photography with her mom and Andrea Have believe in Power Rangers since her parents told her About they’re days as Power Rangers and Andrea stuck up to a bully who is bullying a kid named Billy Gibson and they introduce each other and saying that they like Power Rangers and became friends with 3 other kids Zack Chase, Erin Jensen, and Jack Morgan.

Ranger DutiesEdit

While oversleeping in the bus she ran her way to class on time and meet up her friends and one day they were all teleported to the Megaforce Base and met Gosei and Tensou And Andrea told him that she heard about him and Tensou from her parents story and Gosei told them that there’s a new evil named Vakara who is Vrak and Vekar’s sister and age has chose the to be the next Megaforce Power Rangers and Andrea became the new Red Ranger.





Andrea has Brown Hair w Red and she wears a Red t shift with a Black Jacket and wears Red Jeans with Shoes

Ranger FormsEdit


  • Troy Burrows - Father
  • Emma Goodall - Mother


  • Andrea is a 16 year old girl who studies about Power Rangers and kept her book with her to read at all times
  • Andrea shared similarities to Jayden scott and Jessica Russell
  • Andrea alaways wear her Megaforce Symbol Pendent with her to keep her spirit and heart alive and was revealed to protects her from turning into a Monster and harm in Mega Rangers vs Penguins of Madagascar the Movie
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