Ashley Williams is the Pink Ninja Ranger and controls the Ninja Train Zord

"The Pink Flowers Bloom. Ninja Pink"


Ashley is a very reserved girl with something of a genius in her. She loves science and is very astute with mechanics, but she is unable to read between lines or take a hint. Hence there are times in which, in spite of her looks, she can be really sharp-tongued. At the same time, deep within her there are some very girly aspects she seldom shows. She's best friends with Sasha and calls her "Sasha" like everyone else. She has a secret crush on Karl which only Dana found out. She's also best buds with Tyson she's also the tomboy of the group and due to Sasha's girly attitude they may clash but they're like sisters she treats Sasha like a younger sister. Considering that there zords were together. She's sometimes shown to be a little mischievous, placing notes on her teammate during her first appearances.

Ranger dutiesEdit




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