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"Overdrive Accelerate"-Morphing Call

"Kick it into Overdrive, Mercury Ranger"-Roll Call

Athena “Thea” Reese is the New Mercury Ranger and biological daughter of Tyzonn and Vella.


Early Life[]

Thea was born as a Mercurian on Mercury when she was separated from her birth parents when she was a baby and ended up on Earth and adopted by a human family and met Alyssa Hartford at Explorer School and became good friends.

Ranger Duties[]

Thea and her adopted family move to Los Angeles where unpacking she found the Mercury Morpher in a silver case and hide it from her family and when she ran into her old friend Alyssa Hartford she didn’t want to tell her about what she found yet when the rangers were battling they a discovered Thea is the Mercury Ranger and Alyssa convinced them to make Thea apart of the team and Thea accepts and they also will help her find out where she came from and her birth parents are.


  • Mercury Morpher
  • Drive Detector




  • Tyzonn - Father
  • Vella - Mother
  • Mr. and Mrs. Reese - adoptive parents
  • Mason Reese - adoptive younger brother
  • Eve Reese - Adoptive Older Sister


Ranger Form[]



Background Information[]