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BEAST Kings (獣王 Jūō?)  are the title that the BEASTs or the BEAST Tamers adapts and evolve their BEAST Cells and become stronger and stronger while their BEAST Cells are evolving.


Kings of BEASTs[]

  • Zebra -
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second - The main protagonist in every series of Pre-ZEXAL and Post-ZEXAL saga, and later his body was taken during event of Mecard Saga; forcing take a form of Zuzu Boyle. After event of Mecard Saga though his remain as Zuzu Boyle and returns his original body, however, his personality gotten changed dramatically into his more aggressive and cold-hearted due to his huge trauma of loss of Nagisa because of her death at hands of Reginald as Nash.; thus he become final antagonist He brutally killed Kolda for becoming a BEAST King and take his title, and finally become the BEAST King himself. Tsukasa tried to confess Samuel Nakaoka that he wasn't the true BEAST King yet, but he instantly refused angrily. Soon after he was arrested by Lena for taking Kolda's BEAST King title, she tried to erase Samuel Nakaoka from his existence, but Beerus and Tsukasa quickly finds out and save him by escaping the execution.
  • Elizabeth Liones
  • Jiren -
  • Tier Hannibal -
  • Heart -
  • Yamato -

Future Kings of BEASTs[]

Four Harmonious Kings[]

  • Kaya Nakaoka Joo - The main protagonist in Devil Summoner: Kaya Chronicles series and the grandaughter of Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Shuka-Natsume Futumother of Shinku Nakaoka Joo from the future. During the event of Devil Summoner: Kaya vs. Ahhado Army, Kaya met Samuel Nakaoka the Second who revealed to be BEAST Tamer and sparing fight him. Kaya and Samuel Nakaoka are initially rivals though they were become friends, but it was revealed Kaya is Samuel Nakaoka's granddaughter in the later chapters. After event of Mecard Saga, Kaya returned to Galaxy Saga aided with her mother from the future to fight against Kuon-no-Okami who claimed to be the King of BEAST title.
  • Shinku Nakaoka Joo
Zebra's Four Harmonious Kings[]
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second -
  • Nami -
  • Merus -
  • Gai Amatsu -
Samuel Nakaoka's Four Harmonious Kings[]
  • Pudding Charlotte - Decided to want to become the BEAST King which Samuel Nakaoka accepted it since Sanji need to take care with Pudding only he decide to stay Sanji's memories with Pudding and his family intact in order to prevent Linlin from discovering his secrets.
  • Meliodas
  • Marco the Phoenix
  • Sealas

Temporary King of BEASTs[]

  • Kolda Kazeruto