BEAST Kings (獣王 Jūō?)  are the title that the BEASTs or the BEAST Tamers adapts and evolve their BEAST Cells and become stronger and stronger while their BEAST Cells are evolving.


Kings of BEASTsEdit

  • Zebra -
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second - The main protagonist in every series of Pre-ZEXAL and Post-ZEXAL saga, and later his body was taken during event of Mecard Saga; forcing take a form of Zuzu Boyle. After event of Mecard Saga though his remain as Zuzu Boyle, his Four Harmonious King title has now passed to the King of BEAST title due to intense battle of Lena despite refusing Lena's offer to go to the BEAST World that the worlds needs Samuel Nakaoka the Second until he passed to his future successor. After Manalo Conference concluded and the last enemy: the malevolent god of all control named Daromin's defeats who is the mastermind behind the events of the events and responsible for took Samuel Nakaoka's body and using Menoa as a enforcer, Samuel Nakaoka decide to attempt to retire as a hero of all worlds.
  • Kaya Ketsuryūki - The main protagonist in Devil Summoner: Kaya Chronicles series and the grandaughter of Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Shuka-Natsume and mother of Shinku Nakaoka. During the event of Devil Summoner: Kaya vs. Ahhado Army, Kaya met Samuel Nakaoka the Second who revealed to be BEAST Tamer and sparing fight him. Kaya and Samuel Nakaoka are initially rivals though they were become friends in the later chapters. After event of Mecard Saga, Kaya returned to Galaxy Saga as ally of Shiho, Boruto, and Jin who claimed to be the King of BEAST title.
  • Jiren -
  • Tier Hannibal
  • Heart -
  • Yamato -

Four Harmonious KingsEdit

Zebra's Four Harmonious KingsEdit
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second -
  • Nami -
  • Quinlon Azuryu -
  • Gai Amatsu -
Samuel Nakaoka's Four Harmonious KingsEdit
  • Pudding Charlotte - Decided to want to become the BEAST King which Samuel Nakaoka accepted it since Sanji need to take care with Pudding only he decide to stay Sanji's memories with Pudding and his family intact in order to prevent Linlin from discovering his secrets.

Temporary King of BEASTsEdit

  • Kolda Kazeruto


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