Both Sides Now
Season Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date 5/26/18
Written by Dragonboy 546
Directed by Unknown
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Both Sides Now is the ninth episode of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.


Angel has fallen under a spell by Miratrix in her Crystal Necklace that give her control of her mind and the Rangers must rescue her from control with the help of the Black Operation Overdrive Ranger.


At the Beverly Hills Mythology Musuem.

Angel was helping the musuem With its grand opening When she ran into someone.

"Oops sorry I didn't mean to ran into you I--." Angel says with an off cut word when she meets a familiar face.

”It’s okay I wasn’t looking where I was going um.” Will says as he looks at her.

”My name is Angel Grayson and you must be.” Angel answered.

”Samuel James nice to meet you Angel.” Will answered by not revealing his real name to Angel.

Angel Looks at him.

”Nice too meet you Samuel I better put this boxes in display for next week.” Angel says as she looks at him.

As Samuel and Angel left Angel picked up a tiny box with a Crystal Necklace.

”Huh what is this Crystal doing here.” Angel says as she looks at the Crystal.

The Crystal glows as Angel looks deeply at it whispers to her as Angel falls into a deep spell.

Angel’s eyes glow Indigo Blue.

”Yes my master I will get the piece to bring you back.” Angel says as as she Puts on the Necklace.

As Samuel looks at her.

”Hey Angel I forgot I drop a box when I bumped into you.” Samuel says as she looks at her.

Angel looks at him.

“Oh yeah here is the box Samuel its seems very interesting.” Angel says as she left.

Angel looks at her necklace.

”I got that Black Ranger fool and I’ll look for that piece to release you Miratrix.” Angel says as he eyes glow and chuckled.

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