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Brody Lucas Drake-Corbett Human Android from his missing father. Leo's long lost cousin.

Leo's older cousin remains young Brody played as Bryan Ebanks.

Ranger Forms[]


(former red ranger) [Nickname:Alan]

  • Red Ninja Emperor Ranger (current ranger)


  • Red Operation Overdrive (formerly ranger, before his father graves him that, mentioned only)


Leo Corbett[]

Eric Shiba (unborn child in born in as baby child 2018)

Ravi proofs his cousin not Leo.


Brody Reuniting with his cousin Leo, after Ninja Training Him by his Allies. Then Brody Trapped by his Ship Called in Galaxy Warriors in year of 2026 after Bring his memories back after then his unborn son is baby from Katy named Eric Shiba that's Brody's unborn son.


  • Lucas Hartford† - father.
  • Unnamed adopted father (deceased)
  • Unnamed 1st cousin (first-cousin; mentioned).
  • Master Alexandra Brody (deceased)
  • Mike Corbett - 2nd Great-Great uncle/friend.
  • Levi Carvess - adoptive brother (revived)
  • Unnamed Grandfather (deceased).
  • Unnamed Unborn Great-Great Great Grand-Child (unborn great-great great grandson),

[Dale Drake]. (Ancestor Grandson).