"Military Force"-Morphing Call

"Military Force, Yellow Ranger"-Roll Call

Brooke Spencer is a human that was born on Earth and who is the Blue Military Force Ranger and is second in Command of the team and a close friend the Cadet John Tyson. (Power Rangers: Military Force)


Early LifeEdit

Brooke was born on Earth in the year 2024 (Around one year after John). Brooke pretty much grew up in a normal and peaceful life with her family like child can get. As a child, Brooke always looked up to her father, who was a former S.P.D. Blue and Red Ranger. From him, she acquired her father's power from birth to create offensive and defensive force fields. Brooke using her force field like her father Since then, she was inspired to be just like her father and become a Power Ranger like her father.

Ranger HistoryEdit

Interning at the Naval BaseEdit

Brooke was interning at a naval base along the coast while there was peace throughout the galaxy after her fathers team defeated Grumm and his friends, and was happy to hear that her father became the new S.P.D Commander when Commander Cruger was promoted to Supreme Commander after the retirement of former Supreme Commander Birdy.

Joining Military Force RangersEdit

While they were doing their service months in the U.G.A. Marine she was called in with her two friends to full red alert. They were called to Mars for backup about a base invasion. John led the team with Jack and Phoebe as they began fighting insect creatures. They soon later find Melladonna was here looking for the morpher devices that were designed for the next team of Rangers. A special message was given to them telling them that Melladonna would return to destroy the morphers so they take the morphers and used them against her. They now became the new Military Force Power Rangers and she became the Blue "Star" Ranger from that day forward.


  • Military Force Morpher
  • Military Force Cycle
  • Military Blaster/Blade mode
  • V-Saber
  • Thermal Blaster


  • Aqua Rescue 2


Production NotesEdit

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