"Parasaur, Power Ranger Black!" ―roll call

"Why don't we just cut to the "chase" and go check out a movie?" ―Chris's unusual pick-up line

Chris Randall is the Dino Charge Black Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. He is also referred to as Black Ranger and, in roll calls, as Parasaur Power Ranger Black, and is the son of both Chase and Kaylee Randall.

Character HistoryEdit

After the defeat of Sludge and Snide Chris Randall was born to both Chase and Kaylee Randall and had a great childhood and at the age of 17 A junior in high school in the beginning of the series; Chris is actually a few months older than Tina. And he and the other Rangers were friends and they had a great time as friends.

Ranger dutiesEdit

While hanging out with Tina and the others Zenowing comes through a portal and inform the parents of Keepers destruction at the hands of a Dino warrior that is heading to Earth to rule it and search for the Energems to obtain their powers, and he saw that the Rangers kids have the five energems while the others aren't around yet and Chris, Tina, Nick, Ryan, and Sarah head to the city and they morphed and fought off the soldiers and Chris became the new Black Dino Charge Ranger.

Chris is both a professional motorcycle rider & a skilled sniper that he got from his father. Talkative, & very much a playboy, he is the gag-maker of the group, never one to miss a joke. He's not much of a bad boy & is really helpful & honest to people. However despite his personality.


Despite his bad boy appearance, Chris is mostly a cheerful & joyful charmer who loves to flirt with girls, especially Trisha Adams early on. He's also a snarker, making jokes often at the expense of people (often Ryan).

He is very loyal, regardless, & will fulfill any promises he has made. He is also very intelligent and quick-witted, allowing him to come up with plans to take down opponents quickly with maximum efficiency, as well as making back-up plans in case something should pop up.


  • Dino Charger #2 - Para Charger (Parasaurolophus)
  • Dino Charger #11 - Dino Cycle Charger (Deinonychus)
  • Dino Charger #12 - Dino Armor X Charger (Deinosuchus)
  • Dino Charge Morpher
  • Dino Saber
  • Dino Com
  • Para Chopper
  • Black Energem


  • Para Zord


  • He is the first ranger to have a Parasaurolophus motif.
  • This makes him the third Black Ranger in a dinosaur-themed season to have a unique motif.
  • The Black Dino Charge Ranger is the first Black Ranger to take the place of the team's Yellow Ranger.


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