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Conspiracy of Conquer
Season Kalos XY: New World of Pokémon (Season 3), Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date December 8, 2018
Written by Redniga
Directed by Unknown
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Awakening the Sleeping Giant Battling The Château


Team Rocket has been Brainwashed by a Mysterious Madame X and her Malamar and planned to take over Kalos as Laura and her friends must stop her but Malamar already got her friends as Laura learned she and Meowth are the only ones not under Malamar’s spell but Laura learns to channel her heart with Ash’s To stop Madame X and Malamar.


In a cave Team Rocket are looking at a video of Pikachu using Thunderbolt and Electroball and are surprised by a mysterious person named Madame X and with her Pokémon Malamar and hypnotized them.

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Main Characters[]

  • Danielle Rose Russell as Laura Chadson
  • Kaylee Bryant as Josie Sommers
  • Chris Zyika as Tommy Robinson
  • Ruby Rose Turner as Olivia Robinson
  • Tom Sweet as Fritz Chadson

Reccuring Characters[]