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Crissa Watanabe is the daughter of Cam Watanabe and granddaughter of Kanoi Watanabe and is the new Green Samurai Ranger (Power Rangers: Ninja Storm)


Early LifeEdit

Crissa Was 6 years old when her mother have to leave home because she has a poisoned heartband won’t come home until she’s healed Crissa trained the samurai technique with her dad and is really good with her tech and is best friends with Emily Clarke even though she is at college.

Ranger DutiesEdit

Crissa trained with her dad Cam in the academy to master her skills and went to visit Emily at college when Crissa told Emily that her dad Shane and his 2 friends Tori and Dustin are going out of town for 3 days so she decided to take her and her 2 friends Chloe and Fletcher to teach the academy with the moves that Emily taught her friends they went to the academy and teach the students they’re moves where Crissa told them to hide as a mysterious storm ran by and attack the school at taken the school and revealed the ninja student Lorette is Lothor’s daughter and summon his old army to be her’s army as Emily, Chloe, and Fletcher climb out behind the tree as they find Crissa in rocks and Crissa showed them Ninja Ops that she rebuilt and her grandfather and made them the new Wind Power Rangers when 2 old thunder rangers Blake and Hunter have doing evil things again cause they’re friends were taken away and don’t wont the same as they’re 2 Kids Kyle and Miranda when Kyle and Miranda use the thunder morphers and change into the new thunder rangers they join the Wind Rangers and when the Rangers powers were taken Crissa went back in time to find the samurai amulet and became the new green samurai Ranger.

Family Edit

  • Cam Watanabe - Father
  • Liana Watanabe - Mother (Deceased)
  • Kanoi Watanabe - Grandfather
  • Miko Watanabe- Grandmother (Deceased)
  • Lothor - Great-Uncle
  • Lorette - Cousin
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