"The Red Fire Bursts Ninja Red"

Dana Thomas is the Red Ninja Ranger and the leader of the team in Power Rangers: Ninja Warriors


Dana was born to a family of Ninjas and her mother and father were both Ninja warriors and kept her safe from the forces of evil, and now after years of peace Dana is of age to be told about the Ancient Dark Queen known as Mishara Kendar and her evil forces. At the age of 16 she came home from her training with her grandpa and found several Shinboi Warriors attacking people and she used the Morphing Saber that was given to her by her grandpa to fend off the warriors and her family decided that she was ready to be the defender of the world, she goes to school at Holsten High School where she met her friends Karl, Tyson, Ashley, Sasha and they became fast friends.

Karate skillsEdit

Stopping in front of her locker, she finished her text before dialing in the combination and swinging it open. While she had an athletic figure, school sports were not her cup of tea. No, Dana preferred a more physical way of dealing with the stresses of her life by taking martial arts. She had been involved with several different forms of karate and tae kwan do since she was 5. Next week, she was testing for her first Dan in Wado Ryu, something she had been looking forward to for months.

Rangers DutiesEdit




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