Daskel the Ultimate Offspring
Gender: Female
Season(s): PR the Series The Comiga (Daskel Arc)
Colors: Maroon Flush
Homeworld: Future 2201 BEAST World
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Number of Episode
Daskel the Ultimate Offspring
Slayer Ranger

Daskel is the main antagonist and the futuristic daughter of the deceased BEAST Goddess, Drakcel. Before of Samuel Nakaoka and Arisa sent an deceased spirit Drakcel to the World of Nothingness, Drakcel gave birth the another BEAST Goddess which she represents of hatred of Arisa and the embodiment of BEAST Goddess. She desire to kill Arisa's vessel, Samuel Nakaoka the Second.


Ranger FormsEdit

BEAST Goddess

The original form of Daskel as the BEAST Tree's vessel after her mother's death. As Daskel sense Samuel Nakaoka the Second defeating and merges with Aqua from the original timeline, she decide to travel time by becoming the Slayer Ranger with using Master Morpher.

Slayer Ranger

Slayer Ranger is Daskel's Ranger Form by using the Master Morpher, she accesses the time-traveling to travel past timelines to kill Samuel Nakaoka the Second who was Arisa. Slayer Ranger can resurrects the past villains, except for the original Kumon that she does not care for his own will to turn against him and being forced devoured by her Slayer Mutekiōzanbara and turned him into God Arc Bottle.



Slayer Ranger (Vector and Snide)

As Slayer Ranger destroys Vector and Snide by devouring them, she achieves the first evolved form called Bariacytus Type.




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