Devon Daniels (Subject D-56) (born 1990). charmatic guy 22 year old an Android guy. #REDIRECT Subject D-56



  1. Beast Attacks
  2. Beast Attacks Part 2
  3. Dashing of the Spell
  4. Digital Exposed
  5. Beast inside is the Leader
  6. Class to Learn
  7. Time from Battling
  8. Welcome to Battleforce
  9. Welcome to Battleforce Part 2 (as red ranger anymore)
  10. Call Beasts Inside
  11. Jungle Masters
  12. Begins to Expell
  13. Ninja Charge (team up episode)
  14. Spy from Journey
  15. Emperor Bugs
  16. Samurai Cheetah Rises
  17. Cyber from Clones
  18. Cheetah Focus
  19. Well Sickness Tombs
  20. Explore to Adventur
  21. Beasts To the Fury
  22. Kicked from Steel

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