Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver Millionaire Human, Green Ranger he becomes evil Tommy from Nate.

Tom Oliver
Evil Red Beast Charge Ranger (dream only/video game)
Gender: Male
Season(s): [[Power Rangers Beast Charge (TV series)]]
Colors: Red
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Number of Episode
Actor: [[Josue Sanchez Ebanks]]
Evil Red Beast Charge Ranger (dream only/video game)
[[Category: Power Rangers Beast Charge (TV series)]]
Dr. Thomas Oliver
Gender: Male
Ally Type Scientist
Age 17

20-30 (Beast Charge)

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Homeworld Earth
First Appearance Power Rangers 2 (2018) (first appearance)
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Last Cameo Appearance Power Rangers Beast Charge (TV series)
Number of Appearances 2 (Movie)
Actor(s) Josue Sanchez Ebanks (movies/beast charge tv show)

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