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Andrew “Drew” Graysonis the long lost father to Z Grayson and Rocky Grayson and is the Silver Bio Storm Ranger. (Power Rangers: Bio Storm)


Early LifeEdit

Drew was a smart boy in high school and he started dating a girl name Eliza Michaels and After their high school graduation Drew asked Eliza to marry him as she accepted Eliza became Pregnant before their wedding and when they got married they had their first child and named her Elizabeth when Eliza is away over seas on a radio Station career she became pregnant again as she has a Son and sent him to Drew to take care and name him Rocky when Eliza didnt came home for months Elizabeth also called Z went to the Radio Station of Summer Cove and ask when is Eliza coming back and told her she hasn’t been on a station career for years and learning that Eliza abandon them and told Drew about it leaving him heartbroken on what she has done.

Ranger DutiesEdit







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