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Waldo "Dustin" Brooks is the Yellow Wind Ranger of the Ninja Storm Rangers. He is the male equivalent of Trini Kwan, Aisha Campbell, Tanya Sloan, Ashley Hammond, Maya, Kelsey Winslow, Katie Walker, Taylor Earhart and Emily.

Ninja Storm (2003)[]

Dino Thunder (2004)[]

Super Megaforce (2014)[]




  • Defeated Jinxer while rescuing Carter Grayson and his brother-in-law Ryan Mitchell from Queen Bansheera.
  • Informed Dana Mitchell and her father Captain Mitchell of the king cobra tattoo on Ryan Mitchell's back.
  • Informed Karone that she is Andros's younger sister.
  • Informed Mike Corbett that he is Leo Corbett's older brother.
  • Informed Cassie Chan that she is Kendrix Morgan's best friend.
  • Briefly mistake Joel Rawlings and Damon Henderson for Cameron Watanabe.
  • Informed Danny Delgado that he is Max Cooper's best friend.
  • Briefly mistake Kai Chen, Chad Lee, Billy Cranston, and Lucas Kendall for Blake Bradley.
  • Informed Tommy Oliver that he is Katherine Hillard's husband.
  • Briefly mistake Carter Grayson, Wesley Collins, Eric Myers, Jayden Shiba, and Cole Evans for Shane Clarke and Hunter Bradley.
  • Briefly mistake both Max Cooper and T.J. Johnson for Ethan James.