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“Let’s Rocket!” - Morph Call

“Red Ranger.” - Role Call

Emilia Griffith is the mew Red Space Ranger, and Half-Mayishan through her mother Ellikacha (Power Rangers: In Space)

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Emilia was born to her Mother Queen Ellikacha who goes by Elizabeth Griffith and her Father Troy Bonlin when her dad died when she was 10 years old Emilia spends her time with her Mom not aware that her mother was Queen Ellikacha of Mayisha and she spends her time with her Friends Shane, James, Brook, and Kennedi.

Ranger Duties Edit

Emilia and her friends went to a Space Musuem and learned of a Planet from a different Galaxy than Earth called Mayisha the Mayishan are ancestors of humans and learned that they don’t exist anymore when Emilia and her friend found the Mega ship and fly to the galaxy they were told and discovered an undead army led by Empress Quita Emilia’s unknown aunt and they fight them when Emilia’s ,om teleport them to the Command Base she chose them to become the New Space Rangers, Emilia became the New Red Ranger.

Arsenal Edit

  • Astro Morpher
  • Spiral Saber
  • Astro Blaster
  • Battlizer Gauntlet
  • Spiral Saber Booster Mode
    • Astro Blaster
    • Spiral Saber
  • Galaxy Glider

Zords Edit

Personality Edit

Appearances Edit

Family Edit

  • Troy Bonlin - Father (Deceased)
  • Queen Ellikacha/Elizabeth Griffith - Mother
  • Zachariah - Uncle
  • Empress Quita - Evil Aunt
  • Loes Veckrann - Evil Uncle
  • Crestacia - Cousin
  • Neckra - Cousin

Trivia Edit

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