Ethan Roberts is a human who lives on Earth and he's the Carforce Red Ranger and the leader in Power Rangers: Carforce.


Early LifeEdit

Ethan Roberts was born on October 22nd, 2007 to Michelle and Brandon Roberts, and had a great childhood with his brother and sister. They lived in the city of Blue Bay harbor and he went to school and met his new friends Will Mitchell, Adam Nelson, Hayley Mitchell, and Sarah Hanson and they had a lot of time together as they hanged out a lot.

Ranger DutiesEdit

While on a camping trip with his friends Ethan discovers five ancient keys that glow and then they're attacked by unknown soldiers who are trying to get the keys, Ethan fights them off but can't till he puts the key into the strange device that was on his wrist.


  • Carforce Morpher
  • Carforce Blaster
  • Auto Saber
  • V-Saber


  • Red Lighting Zord
  • Lighting Fire Tamer Rescuezord



Ethan was 20-years-old and he was Caucasian-American and has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears red t-shirt, red plaid shirt, blue jeans and red and white sneakers.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

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