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Fly to the Sky
Season Power Rangers: Flight Storm, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date December 2, 2018
Written by Redniga
Directed by Disney
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Unknown Leader of the Sky


11 years ago an evil empior what set on the planet Feistiness and the 4 guardians have grab the Bird jewels as the royal king grab the 6 jewels and scattered them on the planet Earth as he died in a great battle. 11 years later the jewels were found by 3 air force cadets and new recruited cadets to harness the power of birds to save their world


11 years ago.

In a great war of Feistinessa On evil people who want to steal the bird gem that is kept for generations of the bird family’s a 4 heirs already grab the 4 jewels but 6 of them went off to an unknown planet called Earth.

11 years later.

At an Airforce a 26 year old girl is riding her her airplane contacting to her friends.

“This is Red Hawk Over to Black Condor and White Swan Over.” Freya says as she contacts her friends.

Brandon contacts them.

”I hear you over Red Hawk.” Brandon Says over the radio.

”So do I.” Diana says on her radio.

As their commander calls them.

”Hey bird flighters get back to headquarters we’ve got new recruits coming.” Commander Elsie Hart contacts them.

They responded her request and head back to their HQ at the Airforce academy.

“Okay Flight Team I want you 3 to be on your behavior on watching and teaching the new recruits very well.” Commander Hart says as she looks at them.

They agree as they welcome to new Cadets.

”Okay Welcome To Flight Academy i’m Freya Bolton and this is my team Brandon White and Diana Medes And we’ll be welcoming you to the Academy.” Freya says as she looks at them.

As Brandon took 3 cadets and Diana 8 cadets leaving Freya with 2 Cadets.

”Um Hi so I got you 2 to train what’s your names.” Freya asked as she looks at them.

”My Named Adam Thomas at your purpose Mrs. Bolton.” Adam says as he looks at her.

”And my name is Will it’s an honor to meet you.” Will Says as she looks at her.

Freya smiles at them.

”Thanks you 2 and you can call me Freya so let’s start the tour in order to start training.“ Freya says as she looks at the 2.

Will looks at her.

”Freya that’s a pretty name.” Will Says as she looks at Freya.


Flight Storm RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
Red Hawk Ranger Freya Bolton Britt Robertson
Black Condor Ranger Brandon White Thomas Dekker
Yellow Owl Ranger Adam Thomas Louis Hunter
White Swan Ranger Diana Medes Phoebe Tonkin
Blue Swallow Ranger Will Hart Shelley Henning




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