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Forging a Forest Friendship
Season Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, Episode 34
Vital statistics
Air date November 18, 2018
Written by Dragonboy546
Directed by Haim Saban
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Enter to the Pokémon World Unknown

Forging a Forest Friendship is the thirty-fourth episode of (Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive)


Following the events of enter to the Pokémon World, The Rangers begin their search for Angel in the forest where they stumble upon a her old friend from her Power Rangers days and having a hard time trying to help his Hawlucha and Froakie work together when tree madness has disturb their search.


Previously on Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Angel was showing the Overdrive Rangers she saw Pokémon when she was their ages and made her follow her own dreams instead of holding them back, When the Rangers stop Kirraska and Kamkar from unleashing the portal to th Pokémon world where Angel went when she was 19, when a Mysterious Pokémon have suddenly grab Angel and taken her to the Pokémon world and the Overdrive Rangers went there to follow her.

Now in Conclusion.

As the Rangers enter the portal and are screaming loud.

”Man when Angel says the portal was wild she wasn’t kidding.” Alyssa says as she shouts so loud.

Jack looks at her.

”Yeah I wonder where it’s taking us to where Angel is taking hostage.” Jack yells as he looks at them.

Summer looks at them.

”Yeah I hope so or we’ll be turned to death.” Summer says as she looks at them.

Max looks at them.

”Well were going to figure that out cause we’re almost to the end of the portal!” Max shouts as he points at the end of the portal.

The Ranger all begin to scream.

In the Forest, Angel woke up and was screaming by an unknown Pokémon and use Vine whip and trap her in a tree cage until she calms down and begs for her friends to save her.

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Episode 34: Forging a Forest Friendship.

As the Rangers scream so loud as they reach to the end of the Portal and they flew across the sky and landed in different areas in the forest.

As Summer, Max, Rachel, and Thea woke up from the fall.

“Uh, oh man what a tough ride.”Rachel says as she looks at them.

Summer looks at them.

”Yeah that was one rough ride hey where in the Pokémon World are we in.” Summer says as she looks at them.

Thea looks at her locator than at them.

”We’re in the Forest of Kalos.” Thea Says as she looks at them.

Summer looks shock.

”What we're in the Kalos Region.” Summer tells At she looks at her.

Thea nods.

As Rachel looks around the area.

“I know that and by the way have anyone seen my brother?” Rachel asked as she looks at them.

As They hear Max scream, as Max ran out of the bushes.

”I landed in the bushes but when I woke up a porcupine was nibbling me.” Max yells as he looks at them.

Rachel looks at her brother.

”Really Max there are no Porcupines in the Pokémon world.” Rachel says as she looks at him.

As a Chespin came out of the bushes that surprie them along with a Fennekin and Bunnleby.

“OMG Angel was right about Pokémon.” Rachel says as she looks at them.

The 3 were shock on what Rachel just says as 3 kids saw their Pokémon with the Rangers.

“Oh sorry about that you 4.” Clemont says as he looks st them.

Summer looks at him.

”We're fine we've just got scared by your Pokémon.” Summer says as she looks at them as she puts her hand down leaving them shock of her emblem.

Bonnie saw her shirt.

“Clemont her jacket she must be an Overdrive Ash told us about.” Bonnie says as she looks at Clemon.

Serena looks surprised as well.

”Are you guys the Overdrive Rangers that thought with this Angel Grayson girl.” Serena asked as she looks at her.

the others are shock.

”Wait you heard of the 1st Operation Overdrive Power Rangers that fought with battle with the 2nd Generation Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.” Thea says as she looks at them.

The 3 of them are surprised.

“Wait you're the 2nd Generation of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive how.” Clemont says as he looks shock at them.

Max looks at them.

”Well let us interface ourselves first I'm Max I’m the New Blue Ranger and this is my Twin Sister Rachel the Yellow Ranger.” Max says as he intoduces himslef and Rachel to them.

The 3 looks at them.

“Well nice to meet you Twins I’m Clemont, this is Serena, Ash’s Childhood friend, and this is my little sister Bonnie.” Clemont says as he introduce himself to him, Serena, and Bonnie as Max introduce Summer and Thea.

”Well this is Summer Robinson, Ronny Robinson’s daughter who is the next Pink Ranger, And this is Athena Reese, Tyzonn’s Biological Daughter she was adopted on Earth and became good fitness with Alyssa.” Max says as he looks at them.

Rachel just realize something from Max’s introduction.

“OMG Max where is Alyssa and Jack.” Rachel says as she looks at her brother.

”Oh my gosh I have no idea they were missing.” Max says as he looks at her.

The Rangers call out for their names as Clemont, Bonnie, And Serena are confused.

“Why are you guys worrying about your 2 friends.” Serena asked as she looks at them.

”Because I after we jump through the portal in Beverly Hills and Enter to your world because we fought a Pokémon have taken Angel and some how we must have gotten separated after we have fall.” Thea says as she looks at them.

Clemont looks at them.

”You guys came from the otherside.” Clemont says as he looks at them.

”Angel Grayson is here and she was captured.” Bonnie says as she looks T them.

”And a Pokémon have taken her here and you got separated from Alyssa and Jack who are Mack and Will’s kids.” Serena says as she looks at them.

They looks at them.

”Yes.” They all shout.

”So you guys better hep is Find them or Andrew Hartford findouts we’re not home he’s going to get out a giddy card that he created at his house.” Summer says as she looks at them.

Clemont looks at Serena and Bonnie.

”Wow things at Mack’s place for Alyssa to have an adventure of Wild and Chaos.” Clemont says as he looks at them in terror as they went to look for Alyssa and Jack with the Rangers.

In the Forest Ash was training his Hawlucha and Froakie to work together as Froakie as suddenly stumble on Alyssa and Jack thinking their dead as Hawlucha and Froakie tickle their feet and waking them up with Jack and Alyssa‘s hairs fill with leaves.

Jack, Alyssa, and Ash scream at each other after his 2 Pokémon thought they were dead.

”What the heck were those Pokémon doing tickling us.” Alyssa shouts as she and Jack looks at him.

Ash looks confused.

”Tickling I thought you were dead.” Ash Says as he looks at them.

Jack looks at Him.

”Dead no way we just fell from the sky after wenting through the portal and somehow got seperated from the rest of our friends.” Jack says as he looks at him.

Ash looks surprised as Jack says Portal.

“Wait did you say Portal, like the portal in Beverly Hills.” Ash says as he looks at them.

Alyssa looks at him.

”Wait, of course your that Ash Angel was talking about when she enter here when she was our age.” Alyssa says as she looks at him.

Ash was surprised as he looks at her.

”Wait are you Mack’s little girl and Will’s son who’s friends with Angel when she is at taking classes at Overdrive University.” Ash asked as he looks at them.

Jack looks at him.

”Yeah that her and your wondering why we‘re boing here.” Jack says as he looks at him.

Ash nods.

”Well we we’re fighting Kirraska and Kamkar, Miratrix‘s sister and Kamdor’s Brother, from stopping them from entering the portal and Angel was helping and they retreat all of a sudden a mysterious vine whip was coming after me then Angel move out of my way and she was caught I tried to hold on tight but a weird sparkle ball came by and loose my grip and she was taken here.” Alyssa says as she looks at him.

Ash looks surprised when he heard Angel’s been kidnapped.

“What kidnapped by a Pokémon I can’t believe it she’s here after all these years.” Ash Says as he looks at the 2.

As Clemont, Bonnie, And Serena came by with the others and are relieved to see their friends okay and introduced them to each other as Alyssa looks at Ash.

”Um Ash I want to asked you something, here it’s goes I want to see you battle with Hawlucha and Froakie please I really wanted to see a battle in real life instead of fighting monsters with my friends.” Alyssa asked as she looks at him.

Ash agreed and he and Clemont decided to battle to impress her.

As Clemont chose Chespin and Bunnleby to battle against Hawlucha and Froakie as they battle Alyssa is being easily impressed by it As Serena looks at Thea.

”Um Thea why does Alyssa wants to see a Pokémon battle in real life is she likes wondering what it would look like.” Serena asked as she looks at Thea.

Thea looks at her.

”Well Angel shows us a lot of Pokémon videos she made when she was little.” Thea explains as she looks at Serena.

Serena looks at Thea.

”I wonder why would someone or some Pokémon would have taken Angel.” Serena asked as she looks at Thea.

Thea looks at her.

"I'm not sure but whatever it is we've got to find her," Thea says as she looks at Serena.

As the 2 continue to see the battle until things get rocky when Froakie use water puls to save Hawlucha saying it doesn’t needs Froakie’s help as Froakie dodge Chespin’s pen missile’s and hits Bunnleby and making the 2 argue.

As Ash stops the 2 from stopping.

”Enough you 2 this battle was for Alyssa to see and not a fight between you 2.” Ash yells as he looks at them.

As the Hawlucha and Froakie continues to fight making Alyssa worried as Ash assigns the 2 special training as Alyssa looks at Her Friends.

”Guys I’m going with them and I’m taking Jack with me for this problem stay with Clemont, Bonnie, And Serena until we sort this out and continued to look for Angel..” Alyssa says as she looks at them.

The others nods at the 2 and looks at the 3 kids, as Ash looks at Hawlucha and Froakie telling them to work together to cover each other’s strong points as they keep up messing up Hawlucha and Froakie continued to argue as Alyssa and Jack grab the 2 and looks at each other.

”Okay you 2 need to calm down and work together like me and Jack do with our team.” Alyssa explains as she looks at them.

Jack agrees with her.

”For that me and Alyssa will fight each other to see how we do it.” Jack explains as he looks at them.

Ash agrees and let them fight as Alyssa and Jack morphs And gets out their Weapons and fight each other to show Froakie and Hawlucha how they work together as a team.

Back in the area Max is using scrap to create a device to locate Angel’s Celephone and detected she’s one where around the forest.

Back at the lake, Black (Jack) Overdrive Ranger and Red (Alyssa) Overdrive Ranger were finishing their fight and demorph their helmets and resting as Hawlucha and Froakie notice their moves but Kept on fighting as Ash desperate them again as he became more frust than ever as Hawlucha and Froakie became hungry and gave the 2 oran berries as Froakie and Hawlucha gave half of their berries to Jack and Alyssa as a treat as Ash looks at the 2.

”Alright let’s continue training and get that move right like Alyssa and Jack do with their team alright let’s keep on going.” Ash says as he looks at them.

As Alyssa sees something behind the tree as Hawlucha and Froakie were about to train.

”Alright Use Super flying…” Ash gets cuts off from his entrance as he was taken as Alyssa, Jack, Pikach, Hawlucha, and Froakie went after him.

As The others hear them and gets some trouble in the trees as Alyssa and Jack fell in a craves as Hawlucha and Froakie gets stuck in vines, As Serena thinks Ash was eaten but Summer acts sarcastic as Pikachu picks up his sense and went after them.

As Alyssa is holding on tight to Jack as she Is hanging on her life holding Jack as Hawlucha and Froakie gets out the vines and fight and find Ash’s Hat and remember what he said as they help Alyssa and Jack of of the craves.

As Alyssa suffered a sprain ankle and Froakie and Hawlucha tended her ankle.

”Thanks you guys, Okay we need to save Ash and find Angel Jack let’s get out our trackers.” Alyssa says as she leans on Jack.

Jack hears his tracker beep.

”Alyssa look my tracker is picking up on Angel’s celephone and she’s in the same direction of that Pokémon is going when it took Ash.” Jack says as he looks at her.

Alyssa looks at him.

”Wait ago Jack okay if we take the short cut root maybe will get their and find her before that thing do.” Alyssa says as she looks at Jack.

Jack looks at her.

”But Lyssa your ankle so we need another way to get to Angel, hey I know Hawlucha, Froakie im going put my Belt buckle on zip line mode I’m going tie you guys on to for you 2 can move us to Angel’s locating and we need something to tie around with.” Jack says as he looks at Alyssa.

Alyssa gets out the Defender vest and takes out the shield.

”Here use the shield as a sled.” Alyssa says as she looks at Jack.

”What, are you sure you want to use the Defender vest shield for a sled.” Jack says as he looks at her.

Alyssa nods as Jack ties the The belt buckle on the shield as he and Alyssa gets in it.

”Alright Hawlucha and Froakie fly up high and me and Jack will show you the short cut to Angel and after you take us their go look for Ash and rescue him.” Alyssa says as she looks at them.

Hawlucha and Froakie nods at them as Froakie jumps on Hawlucha’s back and fly in to the sky with Jack and Alyssa on tow as the 2 have fun sled flying as they see the bright light.

”Guys I can see the bright red light that must be Angel Hawlucha fly up high for us to ride on the trees.” Alyssa says as she looks at them.

Hawlucha agrees and flew them into the trees and landed on the ground as Angel is glad to see them.

”Jack, Alyssa Your here.” Angel says as she looks at them.

Jack looks at her.

”Yeah we did Angel we came to save you and if you ask why Alyssa’s leaning on me she sprain her ankle when we fell into a craves and no that was not on me.” Jack says as he looks at Angel.

Angel gets confused and asked why are those unknown Pokémon she doesn’t know.

”Oh yeah Angel this is Hawlucha and Froakie Ash’s Kalos Pokémon who help us find you and Ps the same Mysterious Pokémon that take you also took Ash.” Alyssa explains as she looks at Angel.

Angel looks shock at them.

“What, that weird Pokémon took Ash as well my friend from my past why would you didn’t stop that Pokémon.” Angel says as she looks at them.

Alyssa looks at her.

”Hey you want to be rescued or yell at us.” Alyssa says as she looks at her.

Angel agrees on the Rescue part.

”Okay Froakie, Hawlucha go find Ash while Me and Alyssa help free Angel.” Jack says as he looks at them.

Alyssa looks at him.

”Jack I can go up and picked the lock to free Angel.” Alyssa says as she looks at him.

Angel looks at them.

”Um how is Alyssa going to pick the lock with a sprain ankle.” Angel says as she looks at them.

Jack gets an Idea and use a board and some vines and make a swing for Alyssa so she can pick the lock as she gets out Her hairpin to pick the lock.

Meanwhile, Ash is still held hostage as he wakes up and sees a Tree Pokémon as he gets out his Pokédex.

"Trevenant, the Elder Tree Pokémon, As a Grass and Ghost type Trevenant can punesh those who harm the forest.” The Pokédex says as it finishes.

Ash looks at him.

”Common I would never do anything to harm the forest, let me go I have to get back to my friends.” Ash says as he looks at him

As Froakie and Hawlucha are jumping from the tree and found him and stand in front of it.

“Froakie, Hawlucha you better be careful don’t let it use confused ray.” Ash says as he looks at the 2.

Froakie throw his frivolous at it‘s Eye as Hawlucha uses High jump kick but went through as Ash tells him that it’s a ghost type so fighting Type moves are no use as Froakie uses bubble and freed Ash as Hawlucha gives him his hat back as the 2 try to use Flying cut but failed as Trevenant uses willowwhisp and strike them as he is about to strike again as Jack and Alyssa arrived and shoot at it.

”Alyssa, Jack your back.” Ash says as he’s relieved to see them.

Jack looks at him.

”Yeah thanks and also That Trevenant was the one who took Angel and imprison her it took Alyssa a few times to pick it.

This leaves Ash shock as Angel comes by with the two as Trevenant strikes them as Ash defenses the next attack telling it to battle him as Angel stands up.

”Trevenant, Ash is defending Hawlucha, Froakie, Alyssa, Jack And Me since you put us in danger cause you took me but you need tell us what you want instead of taking us.” Angel says as she looks at him.

Trevenant is surprised by what Ash and Angel are doing and stops attacking.

Ash helps Angel and Alyssa and Jack up as he looks at Trevenant.

“I understand, Trevenant why did you take me and capture Angel in the first place?” Ash asked as he looks at it.

Trevenant let them follow him as Jack put Alyssa on his back and follow it.

As they see a Siddowodo and a Bonsly trap in a net and Alyssa figures that Trevenant brought Angel and Ash here to free them As Ash try to get to them he was shock as Angel looks at him seeing if he’s Okay.

”Oh Ash always leaping before thinking.” Angel says as she looks at him.

Ash smiles at her.

”Yeah still fun, spontaneous, spunky, smart girl Angel since we last saw each other in person.” Ash says as he looks at her.

the 2 laugh about what each other says as the others came by and found them.

The Others see their okay and met Angel as Ash explains to them.

”Trevenant just wanted me and Angel to free his friends from that net.” Ash says as he looks at them.

”Thats a horrible thing who can do something like this.” Serena says as she looks at them.

As Ash orders Pikachu to use iron tail and free them as Pikachu gets caught in a net set by Team Rocket as they got Pikachu in the net and say their mono to them.

”So you were responsible for Siddowoodo and Bonsly.” Ash says as he looks at them.

They chuckle and calling them twerps and calling the Rangers color twerps and effecting the Rangers as 4 of them morph an Battle them as Hawlucha and Froakie do their Super flying cut and face Inkat and Pumpkaboo as they free Pikachu as Blue (Max) Overdrive Ranger And the others blast at them as they send them flying as Hawlucha and Froakie finally work together leaving the Rangers happy as the portal appeared and they say their goodbyes to them as Ash and Angel hugged each other for being friends as Angel gave him her bracelet to remember her as she and the Rangers walk into the portal saying goodbye as the portal disappear.

”Ash will we see them again.” Clemont asked as he looks at him.

Ash looks at them.

”Yeah I’m sure will see them again they’ll train harder to defend their world and we’ll work harder to beat the Shoulor Gym And will do it for the Rangers.” Ash says as he looks at them.

They all put their hands together.

”To the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.” They shouts as they leap and leave Trevenant and his friends at the portal the Rangers and Angel come out.

As Angel becomes happy to her friend for years as they all head home and Angel touching her hand with Ash roughing each other’s in different worlds and with each other always being with them in their hearts.


Operation Overdrive Rangers[]

Color Role Actor
Red Overdrive Ranger Alyssa Hartford Ashley Tisdale
Black Overdrive Ranger Jack Aston Leon Thomas III
Blue Overdrive Ranger Max Marson Zac Efron
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Rachel Marson Ariana Grande
Pink Overdrive Ranger Summer Robinson Debby Ryan
Mercury Ranger Thea Resse Vanessa Hudgens

uses Allies[]