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From the neon of Space
Season Power Rangers In Space, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 2, 2018
Written by Redette Ranger
Directed by Haim Saban
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Unknown New Space Rangers


4 High School Students Have sighned up to go into space where they were attack by a space Villain Named Astria and attack the shuttle where they ended up Rescue by a Mysterious Red Ranger in the Megaship.


In a far away galaxy 10 years ago, on the planet KO-39, there is an Big alien attack on the planet, as a young girl was being shipped into safety as her father gives her the case of Astro Morphers as she gets into the shuttle and blasted away in space, as the evil empress Austria won’t rest until she’s found.

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Episodd 1: From the neon of Space

At the space museum, 4 friends are reading about the attack on KO-39.

”Whoa that was a nifty fight on KO-39.” Shane says as he looks at them.

Sammy looks at them.

”Yeah it’s so filled with chaos in that planet 10 years ago.” Sammy says as he looks at them.

Sarah sees the planet.

”Yeah it’s to bad that its abandoned I wish we could have check the area and stopped that evil force from deserting that wonderful planet right Brooke.” Sarah Says as she looks at them then turns to Brooke.

Brooke is looking at her locket of her and her mother as Sammy looks At them.

”Oh no she‘s at it again.” Sammy Says as he looks at the 2.

Sarah comes up to Brooke.

”Hey Brooke are you okay.” Sarah asked as she looks at her.

Brooke looks at her.

”Yeah White Fine.“ Brooke responded.

Shane looks at her.

”B, I now how much you missed your mom so bad in that lab fire but you need to be strong for her.“ Shane says as he looks at her.