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Furio was a cyborg general of Scorpius' army. 
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Villain Type General
Homeworld KO-35
Species Cyborg
First Appearance Quasar Quest (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Last Appearance The Magna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)
Last Cameo Unknown
Number of Episode Appearances 11
Actor(s) Unknown

Origin Edit

He used to be a scientist from KO-35 named Dr. Furon, and had a wife. They lived 3,000 years ago. One day she was injured in a car accident. So the doctor decided to rebuild her as a robot, but the people of KO-35 accused him of being a mad scientist when his wife went on a killing spree all over the planet. So they destroyed the kind doctor's wife. This drove the doctor mad. He tried to rebuild her again as he went on the run from the law. Furon accidentally detonated his deceased wife's self destruct cell, thus blowing up himself, his wife and his lab. Dr. Furon survived, but was mutated into Furio. He left his home planet, never to return. Years later he was hired by Scorpius.

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