Galaxy Saga is the first Reiwa series preceded from Mecard Saga (Post-ZEXAL 2 Saga). Shuryō Sentai Kojuranger VRAINS and Gentenju Sentai Monsteger are both Heisei/Reiwa hybrid until the new fully Reiwa series.


Main SeriesEdit

  1. Shuryō Sentai Kojuranger VRAINS/Gentenju Sentai Monsteger (2018-2019)
  2. Keijidōsha Sentai Riserger (2019-)



  • Continuing on Mecard Saga, the returning trends from the previous sagas returned.
    • Three Rangers are the starters, but added new rangers for the future episodes.
  • The new trends are being added for this Saga.
    • After Mecard/Post-ZEXAL 2 Saga, it will add the female protagonist as a Red Ranger.
      • This is the first time the trend was used from Pretty Cure arcs.
      • The female protagonists was added to the new or returning characters from the past.
        • Kojuranger and its sequel: Aiji Nakaoka Joo
        • Riserger: Shiho Suzui
    • The another protagonist with no emotions assist the main protagonist to gain his/her emotions.
      • Kojuranger and its sequel: Yusaku Fujiki
      • Riserger: Yami Shiho
    • The villains who was originally a hero from the past series helping the main protagonists. In the most of the series, they are served as key role to assist main protagonist to fight.
      • Kojuranger and its sequel: Ultraman Belial
      • Riserger: Ultraman Trigear, Reiga, Brain, NeziJealous and Yogostein.
    • Because of BEAST King title is very popular from the main series, the titles are added as a important roles. However, sometimes because of Oma Zi-O's lethal warning, the important role cause them to become evil but manage to control the destruction powers.
      • Kojuranger and its sequel: Kyokugen Kai-O
      • Riserger: ???
    • The transformation device used for the important items that allows to transform into Ranger Form, create the finisher attacks and summons mechas. It was also used by the villainous group.


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