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Go Pokémon Part 1
Season Power Rangers Pokémon, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date January 8, 2019
Written by Redniga
Directed by Unknown
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Unknown Go Pokémon Part 2
Go Pokémon Part 1 is the first episode in Power Rangers Pokémon.

Plot Edit

In the Pokémon universe, a Teenage girl name Liza Owens who was waiting to become a trainer since she was nine but the disappearance of her mmother really worry her of her Electric type Powers might loose control as she met a feisty Pikachu that the two team up and she help a boy and girl from danger the 3 somehow founds crystals by bounds of a Pokémon.

Story Edit

7 years ago

In the Pokémon Universe, where all people live in happily with Pokémon but something is different, in a Mysterious city in a forbidden island people who are there are Given special abilities by a serum for newcomers from another world and this girl name Opal Owens is from the word of Power Rangers she was given special abilities of water as she train for so long all she could think about is being with her family who are Home in her home dimension as she wanted to be with her girl as she destroyed some much stuff as she started a fire as she disappears in the flames as the lab explodes.

(Theme Song)

Episode 1: Go Pokémon Part 1

7 years later,

In the city of Pallet Town in Kanto on her 15th birthday Liza Owens is nervous to become a Pokémon Trainer when she was 13th she was contaminated by some mist and was change into a Pokéhuman and she contains Electric powers as she suffers the fear of her mother’s disappearance made her loose control of her powers and wear gloves to protect herself to control her powers.

As Liza left and heads for Professor Oak’s Lab, Liza saw electric typr Pokémon as Liza focus and tried to use her Electric power but got scared and runs off to the Lab as she made it there and looks at Oak’s.

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