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Jarod Scott is the Big Brother of Jayden Scott and Jenna Kwan and is the Son of Jason Lee Scott And Trini Kwan and is the New Red Ranger. (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1))

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When Jarod was young he spent time with his sisters when Jenna left to stay with their mom’s parents for the year as he missed her Jayden and their mom Trini help him take his mind off her as they would practice a lot of martial arts when Trini is coming back home from seeing Jenna when The car she was on felt of course and hits a rockside as the driver survived as she died with injuries and was unable to make it to the hospital, Jarod took her death so hard and tried to keep Jayden from danger as Jayden was a Sophomore in school some bullies pick on her as he defended her when she practice martial arts a lot when Ricky about to punch her she punch him in the stomach as defense when they were about to attack Jarod came in and defended her but the teacher took Jarod away leaving Jayden heartbroken as the principal sent him to a balrding school for 2 years for him to get his life together leaving Jayden hurt about it and told the Principal what really happened and allows her to be his assistant for the rest of her Sophomore year as a return for her action and her honesty.

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