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"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"-Morphing Call

"Fearsome as Fire! Red Mystic Ranger!"-Normal Roll Call

"Element of Fire! Red Legend Warrior!"-Legendary Warrior roll call

"Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"-Battleizer roll call

Jessica Russell is the Mystic Ranger, the Red Ranger and leader of the Mystic Rangers. She is a second-year college student at Briar Wood University as the Red Mystic Ranger, she bestows the spirit of the Phoenix and her element is Fire. (Power Ranger: Mystic Force)


Early LifeEdit

Jessica was a young girl just years after the Master was defeated by the previous Mystic Force Rangers led by her father and mother, She lives in an apartment with her mother Madison and father Nick Russell who have been happily married since the Master's defeat. Jessica has been enjoying her childhood with her parents.

Ranger DutiesEdit


  • Mystic Morpher
  • Magi Staff - Sword Mode
  • Mystic Force Fighters
  • Mystic Lion Staff
  • Mystic Racers
    • Mystic Speeder

Ranger FormEdit

Zord FormsEdit




Background InformationEdit

Interviewing Emily BrowningEdit

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