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Episode 12: Showcase Debut

Josie is feeling ready for her first showcase as she discovered Jenna is hosting the contest as she practice doing her dance routine as she keeps on failing but Laura helps her for the first round, Josie won the first round and is tied with Shauna as she gets ready for the singing round she suddenly severed a soar throat by drinking cactus juice as Laura decided to fill in for her as she sings “Back to Life” with Fennekin and Pancham performing Laura won and earned the Princess key but gave it to Shauna saying she deserve it for her as Shauna hugs Laura for giving Her the key as Josie is frustrated at Laura for giving up the key to Shauna this made Josie feel bad about what Laura did showing she’s kind and apologize to Laura for her actions as Josie tried on a new look.

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  • Braxien; evolve from Fennekin
  • Pancham
  • Sylveon; evolve From Evee

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