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"SPD EMERGENCY"-Morphing Call

"5 SPD Pink Ranger"-Roll Call

SPD SWAT MODE"-Swat Mode activation call

Kayla Landors is the new Pink SPD Ranger and the daughter of Jack Landors and Ally Samuels. (Power Rangers: SPD)


Early LifeEdit

Kayla was living in a apartment with her Parents at the age of 12 she was accepted to the SPD Academy to fulfilled her dreams of becoming one of the B Squad SPD Rangers. When She arrived at the academy she was so shy than she became good friends the Tate siblings Tina and Jeremy and Kyle Carson and Lindsey Delgado.

Ranger DutiesEdit

When Krybots were attacking the city and Jeremy, Kyle, and Lindsey were loosing Martyona gave Kayla the Pink SPD Morpher and become the new Pink Ranger.

episode 9: Idol

Kayla suspects that Dru might be up too something when he told Them that he was arrested by an alien police station for doing some that he didn't did and Kayla, Kyle, and Lindsey discovers that Dru was a criminal raise by Broodwing.

Episode 19: Power

The rangers discoverd that Kayla can unlock new abilities and try to do it as well.




Kayla is very passionate about protecting the universe. Her father’s contributions to S.P.D and the Ranger Legend inspires Kayla even more. Kayla is a fearless tomboy who always on the lookout to help civilians in danger. When it comes to friendship she has best friend in Lindsey Delgado.


  • Jack Landors-Father
  • Ally Samuels-Mother



Background InformationEdit

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