"Samuraizer, Go, Go, Samurai!"-Morphing Call

"Pink Samurai Ranger, Ready!"-Roll Call

Kelly Watanabe is the daughter of Mia and Jayden and is the current Pink Samurai Ranger of the current Samurai Rangers, and the sister of Kyle Watanabe. (Power Rangers: Samurai) and (Power Rangers: Super Samurai)


Early LifeEdit

Kelly is the daughter of Mia and Jayden and the younger sister of Kyle. Unlike her mom Kelly starts out as a good cook for the team.

Ranger DutiesEdit


  • Samuraizer
  • Samurai Disks
  • Spin Sword
    • Sky Fan
  • Black Box

Mega ModeEdit

  • Mega Blade

Super Samurai ModeEdit

  • Spin Sword
    • Super Spin Sword
    • Black Box

Super Mega ModeEdit

  • Super Mega Blade
    • Mega Blade
    • Black Box

Shogun ModeEdit

  • Shogun Buckle
  • Samurai Disks
  • Shogun Spear


  • Turtle Folding Zord
  • Bull Zord (Shogun Mode only)



Interviewing Kristen StewartEdit

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