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Kimberly Carter is the middle sister of Erik Carter and Nicky Carter and is the Red Transformer Ranger. (Power Rangers: Transformers)

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Kimberly is a very good tech girl with her big brother Erik at the age of 14 and her younger brother Nicky at his age of 6 and Kimberly was 12 and she and her brothers made robots version of the Transformers autobots where they tell a presentation at a engineer awards where they told about their project and that they think they exist or not where they revived an award for the best robot technology and the judges think that they’re theory might be true or not when they were outside the building was on fire and Kimberly‘s parents went into the building as the building exploded with her parents died with her and her brother grew up as engineers and students about to graduate High School with they’re good grades and hope to find out that Transformer autobots are real.

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Episode 30: Final Deadlock

In order to protect Optimus and the others she and her brothers and friends must fight Megatron to save their world in the Final Battle Bumblebee Save Kimberly And Nicky from falling and it causes his life as Kimberly is tearfully over Bumblebee’s death as her brother suggest they use the matrix star to revived him as they did and restore Bee’s voice. After the battle the Autobots are going to leave Earth and rebuilt Cybertron as Kimberly looks at Optimus saying to them she’s her New Family as Kimberly does a program on people who are going to Cybertron with the Autobots as Kimberly, Erik, And Nicky leave to be with the Autobots and start a new life with them as they‘re parents want them to do as their friends remains on Earth seeing their friends leaving Earth and into space and the Carter kids are now with a brand new family.

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