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"SPD Emergency"-Morphing call

3 SPD Green Ranger-Roll Call

"SPD SWAT!"-Swat Armor activation

Kyle Carson is the New Green SPD Rangers and Son of Anna Thomas and Bridge Carson (Power Rangers: SPD).


Early LifeEdit

Kyle was 8 years old after Grumm was Captured he was separated from his parents when he was a baby and he became friends with the Tate Siblings Gracie and Jeremy and Lindsey Delgado and Kayla Landors.

Ranger DutiesEdit

When Kylobyte arrived at earth Martyona gave Kyle the Green SPD Morpher and became the new SPD Green Ranger

Episode 14: Discovered

While looking for the key to the timelines An escape criminal Morgana have told him that he has. Twin sister that he didn't know and he discovered that his father married a Power ranger from the past.





​Background InformationEdit

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