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The Lightspeed Megazord is formed from the five lead Lightspeed Rescuezords. It utilizes the Lightspeed Megazord Saber for its finishing attack, the Fire Circle, in which the saber draws out a glowing corona, then slashes through it to destroy a demon. Other attacks include the Power Thrust using the Ladder Arms, spray cannons, and a overhead kick move, using the Ladder Arms as stabilizers.

The Megazord forms either by having the Aero Rescue 3 lift Pyro Rescue 1 on top of the Hydro Mode (which is essentially the lower body of the Megazord), or by Aero Rescue lifting Hydro Rescue 2 to form the upper legs, as the Haz Recue 4 and Med Rescue 5 connect as lower legs, while the Pyro Rescue lifts itself up with its arms onto the formed legs and the Aero Rescue completes the formation on top.

Lightspeed RescueZords[]

PyroRescue 1[]

PyroRescue 1 is the red fire truck zord piloted by Carter Grayson, then Carter's Daughter Sarah Grayson. It can use its ladder like arms for manipulating objects and rescue operations; it can deploy stabilizers from its front and rear bumpers.

PyroRescue 1 is carried inside Rail Rescue 1. It forms the arms and upper torso of the Megazord.

AquaRescue 2[]

AquaRescue 2 is the blue water tanker zord piloted by Chad Lee, then relieves himself of the controls for his son Larry Samuel. It can spray water jets from its nozzles.

AquaRescue 2 is carried inside Rail Rescue 2. It forms the waist and upper legs of the Megazord.

AeroRescue 3[]

AeroRescue 3 is the green jet zord piloted by Joel Rawlings, then his son Tony Rawlings. It can fire compressed air jets and water bombs to put out fires and can lift the other Lightspeed Rescuezords into the air with its assortment of magnetic grapple hooks and ziplines. It would also occasionally dispense pamphlets for Joel's air show. On occasions when the Rescuezords were needed and the Rail Rescues were either occupied or out of commission, AeroRescue 3 would transport the other Zords with a large platform tethered to it's underside hatch.

The Zord is carried inside Rail Rescue 3. It forms the head and upper back of the Megazord.

HazRescue 4[]

HazRescue 4 is the yellow hazmat truck zord piloted by Kelsey Winslow, then her and Chad's daughter Sasha Lee. It can lift objects with its rear grab-claw or use it as a weapon.

HazRescue 4 is carried inside Rail Rescue 4. It forms the left lower leg of the Megazord.

MedRescue 5[]

MedRescue 5 is the pink ambulance zord piloted by Dana Mitchell, then her and Carter's other daughterHeather Grayson. It can carry multiple civilian vehicles in the back hatch to clear roads that may be too dangerous to drive on.

The Zord is carried inside Rail Rescue 5. It forms the right lower leg of the Megazord.


  • Power Saber
  • arm guns two of them
  • Ladder arms