Marissa Riis is the granddaughter of the previous White Ranger, Alessandra, and is the former White Ranger. She is connected to Athena, and her power is telekinesis and the second Demon hunter.

Character HistoryEdit

Marissa was born on the distant planet of Aesesush, part of a species of shape shifters, although her true form is humanoid. Her mother died a long time ago, when she was only at the physical age of ten. She recently moved to Olympia Heights to return the White Irenic Crystal to Phoebe. In the meantime, her father is working with NASADA.

Marissa first met Bryce, but they parted ways when the Green Ranger was called into battle against Aergia. The next day, Marissa found her way to Olympia Heights High School and broke into Olympian Ops, with the help of her grandmother's damaged Irenic Crystal. After she attacked Bryce and Charley, she was recognized by Bryce when her hood was pulled off. Phoebe eventually sorted everything out.

The Rangers were called into battle, and Marissa remained in Olympian Ops with Phoebe. As she watched the Rangers fall one by one, she couldn't help but exclaim that she wanted to help. After being reminded by Phoebe that the White Powers did not work, she waited until the Titan left the room before springing into action.

Arriving at the fight, Marissa morphed with some difficulty. After fighting one-on-one with Aergia, she joined up with the others, and they defeated the Daemon. However, the toll on both Marissa and her morpher was severe, leaving her Irenic Crystal all but burnt out.

Nathalie and Marissa butted heads when Marissa went against Nathlie's instructions to stay behind, resulting in Kennedi accidentally being transformed into a beaver. After a shouting match turned physically violent, Nathalie and Marissa were both kicked out of Olympia Ops for a while. In the following battle against Circe, Marissa saved Nathalie from a hit from a Dweller. Despite this, there was still tension between the two, and Marissa decided to stay home on Christmas morning.

Robot HunterEdit


Marissa is funny and carefree. She is a tad snarky, but knows the line between joking and being rude. She doesn’t understand much of Earth’s traditions and gets confused often.


White RangerEdit

  • Irenic Morpher
  • Olympian Sword
  • Olympian Bo
  • Owl Zord

Robot HunterEdit



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