May Smith is the Dragonforce Yellow Ranger and has the control of the Lighting Dragon Zord in (Power Rangers: Dragonforce).

'With the Power of the Lighting Crystal Dragonforce Yellow Ranger.'

Early LifeEdit


May was born in the town of Reefside and has had a good life her parents work at NASA developing a Warp gate that can have people head to the different worlds that were discovered, At the Age of 15 May met her best friend Terra Oliver and the two became best friends. May and Terra hung out alot and they met Steven, Julia, and Bryan and all five of them have become great friends since then.

Ranger DutyEdit

When the evil Queen Vexlis appeared it became clear that Tommy needed to choice a new team of Rangers to fight Vexlis and her evil forces and he chose May as the Dragonforce Yellow Ranger,

Her first battle was against Laval Lance Lord she did good as she helped the team defeat their first opponent and combined her weapon with the other four weapons.

Her second battle didn't go so well against Dual Slasher her and the others were beaten back by him badly and Julia almost quit if it wasn't for her they'd be one Ranger short and couldn't get their Megazord.



May Smith is portrayed by: Gracie Dzienny


  • Dragonforce Morpher
  • Dragon Blaster/Blade
  • Dragon Lighting Staff
  • Dragon Battle armor


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