Enter the Nega Rangers (1)
Season 23, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date 10/4/15
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
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Enter the Nega Rangers (1) Extreme Makeover: Ranger Edition (3)

Megazord Rumble is the Thirty-Fifth episode of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. It continues the Nega Rangers saga and introduces the Nega Megazord.


After their second defeat against the Nega Rangers the Rescue Rangers have to come up with a plan to get a win in their column, meanwhile Heather finds out that a member of her cheer-squad is a Nega Ranger, she has to fight to survive and when Vexus finds out about what Darkonda did by turning the Ranger's friends against them and destroy them and she offers them the Nega Lightspeed Megazord to defeat the Rangers with and they take it and start destroying the city with it and its up to the Rangers to step it up a level.


(Last time on Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue)

It recaps what happened in part one.

(Aqua Base)

"We got stomped by them badly" Tony says as he's holding his arm as he's walking around the room as Angel, Heather, Larry, and Sara are trying to figure out how they keep getting beaten so quickly.

They all nodded then Heather looked at her watch.

"Oh no, I'm late for cheer practice. I gotta go guys see ya" Heather says as she runs for the exit.

Angel looks at the others.

"We need to find out who they are and how to defeat them" Angel says as she looks at her friends.

They looked at her and got confident.

At Darkonda's lab, the Nega Lightspeed rescue rangers are standing there as he's showing them their dark Megazord.

"I want you to use this to defeat the Rangers once and for all" Darkonda says as he looks at them.

Episode 11: Megazord Rumble (2)

At the school Heather is leading her cheer team with the routine that she came up with and then after the practice she starts packing when Molly approaches her at her locker.

"Heather" Molly says as she's pointing her dark Rescue Blaster at her.

She turns around and sees the weapon and the Dark Rescue Morpher on her wrist.

"Your a Nega Ranger" Heather says as she's up against her locker.

She pulled the trigger and Heather leaps out of the way where a shower of sparks erupts and she starts dodging the energy blasts from the Blaster and flips out of the locker room after she morphed, and Molly Morphed as well and they start fighting.

Cast & CharactersEdit

Lightspeed Rescue RangersEdit

1 Carter Grayson (Sean Cw Johnson)►◄Sarah
2 Chad LeeLarry
3 Joel RawlingsTony
4 Kelsey WinslowSasha
5 Dana Mitchell Grayson (Alison Maclnnis)Heather
6 Ryan MitchellTyson


Nega RangersEdit

Color Roles
Nega Red Jane Mitchell
Nega Blue Henry Grayson
Nega Green Richard Grayson
Nega Yellow Molly
Nega Pink Ellie


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