With the stealth of a jaguar-Shaolin Fury Blue Ranger!
With the stealth of a jaguar overpowered by prayers-Super Shaolin Fury Blue Ranger!

- Michael's roll call

Michael Titus was the Shaolin Fury Blue Ranger of Power Rangers: Shaolin Fury, and the second-in-command of the Shaolin Fury Rangers.


Michael discovers the Leopard Brother Zords. Leopard Brothers

Dane and Michael work together by doing the Tai Chi move. He was contacted by Sarah and Chloe that the Peacolila was attacking the city. Tai Chi

Michael was attacked by Beetlax, Stagox, Buzzox, Flyax, Miss LadyRed, Gypsy, and Mistressfly. Michael was beaten by Buzzox and Stagox and suddenly the Throttle Rangers appear to kick the Insectorgs' butt. Eventually, he fights alongside with Valon to battle Stagox. Michael thank Valon for helping him out saying goodbye to him. Revenge of the Insectorgs

Geckox's Plan

New Lesson

Evil Reign


Michael was the cool, friendly, and quiet 19-year-old boy. He likes to play martial arts during in his activities by playing the kung fu stuff. He likes Dane Wilson as a friend and treats him like a brother and a best friend.


Michael was 20-years-old and he was Caucasian-American and has dark dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears Blue Hoodie, Blue T-Shirt, Blue jeans and Blue and White sneakers and wearing the Blue Shaolin Uniform.

Shaolin Fury Blue RangerEdit



  • Cat Shaolin Morpher (Blue) - Allows Michael to morph into the Shaolin Fury Blue Ranger.
  • Shaolin Tonfa - Michael's primary weapon.

Michael learns the moves from Master Flight and obtains the new Shaolin Power. Michael can use the new move called Bird Zip.



  • Shaolin Tonfa - Michael's primary weapon.
  • Shaolin Fan - Given to him by Master Flight.


  • As Shaolin Fury Blue, he and Theo Martin both pilot Jaguar Zords which form the left legs for their respected team's Megazords.
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