"With the Power of the Pink Thunder Crystal, Thunderforce Pink Ranger!"
-Pink Thunderforce Rangers Roll call.

Nathalie Ramos is the Pink Thunderforce Ranger, She has the Phoenix Firebird Thunder Crystal. (Power Rangers: Thunderforce)


Mr. Ramos's job forced the family to move around France a lot during Nathalie's childhood. Nathalie never got to experience a normal childhood, like school. More of her time was spent in hotel rooms than her actual bedroom. The family has always been fairly wealthy. Nathalie grew up to despise having to be proper at all times, thanks to her rather pushy mother, acting as more of a tomboy. This led her to find her love for lacrosse.

In 2009, Nathalie's father was transferred to Holston High School in the United States. Since then, she has been attending HHS along with her older brother Isaac. She is known as "the French student" around school, due to her thick accent and tendency to rant in French when frustrated.

Nathalie first met most of her teammates after a local bully named Michael "Mike" dumped Nathalie's lunch all over her. She ran out, and was followed and helped by Elizabeth Thomas. And they stood up for her and she was amazed by them she decided to become friends with them.

Ranger dutiesEdit

Meeting the new girl at school, Melody, Nathalie accidentally touched her bracelet and got a cold shock. Confused, she asked Phoebe about it, but the Titan had no answers, only able to suggest that Nathalie get the bracelet for her to examine. She returned to the school, only to run into Melody and knock that same bracelet off her wrist, transforming her from an attractive high school student into her true form: Medusa. The sight turned Nathalie to stone.

This forced her team mates to go without forming the Thunder Megazord with the effort from John Wilson, and his Red Dragon Thunderzord in warrior mode, Medusa was defeated and Nathalie was restored to normal.




Nathalie is a brown-eyed brunette, about 5'3" and fair-skinned. She is of French descent. Her hair is often braided or pulled into a ponytail, rarely worn down.


Nathalie is hot-tempered and very determined. She has a problem with sitting still for long periods of time, but if there is something that needs doing, she'll get it done. She can be very impatient, high-strung and high-energy. Although not as dominating as most Pink Rangers, particularly on the field, she will step in when she sees a problem that needs to be solved.

Family Edit

  • Isaac Ramos - Big Brother


  • She is portrayed by Nina Dobrev.
  • Her birthday is Christmas day.
  • Her middle name is Sylvia.
  • She plays piano and guitar (not that well, as she forgets to practice).
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