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Nicole Holden is the First Pink Ranger and First Leader And Second Geo Gold Ranger and is the Big Sister to Andy Holden (Power Rangers: Thunderstorm)

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  • Mr. Holden - Father
  • Mrs. Holden - Mother
  • Janna - Younger Cousin
  • Andy Holden - Younger Brother
  • Susie Gold - Sister-in-Law
  • Cooper Holden - Son
  • Julie Holden - Niece

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to Mercedes coming back in Geo, Nicole is the only one of the first three departing Rangers (Max and Rico) to share onscreen interaction with her successor (them teammate).
  • Nicole along with Susie, Drew, Trey, Carmen, and Jasmine are the only Rangers to appear in more than 100 episodes. Nicole has lower amount of episodes in this category, with 106.
  • Nicole and her younger brother, Andy were the only siblings to lead different ranger teams.
  • Nicole never share on screen interaction with her younger brother, Andy, though they both fought with previous Power Rangers and New Rangers in New Legendary Battle.
  • In the future, she has a Son Named Cooper, while her brother Andy and his wife, Susie (Nicole’s former teammate) have a daughte, Julie.

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