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The Omega Megazord is the third Megazord built by Angela Rawlings, after the first one was destroyed in the battle with the Queen Bansheera and her Demon minions.

Design History[]

The Omega Megazord is created after the Omegazords formed the Omega Crawler. Omegazord 1 formed the head and torso, Omegazord 2 formed the arms, Omegazord 3 formed the waist and upper legs, Omegazords 4 and 5 formed the lower legs. Its main weapon is the Omega Staff, that unleashes the Omega Missile blast and usually delivers two energy slashes, with a small gold blade, as its finishing blow. For transport, the Omega Staff folds up and attaches to a large clamp which is carried on the top of Rail Rescue 5 when the Solarzord/Rail Rescue rocket is formed. It also once used the Lightspeed Megazord Saber and its Fire Circle finisher. It was also equipped with a hand blaster. During the battle against Trakeena on Earth, the Omega Megazord was temporarily infused with the Lights of Orion Armor. The megazord wielded the Galaxy Megazord Saber (with the Lightspeed symbol on the hilt) during that battle as well as its own weapon.