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Power Rangers: Lightning Force
Number 1?
Number of episodes: ????
First episode: ????
Last episode: ????
Intro: ????
Adapted from: ????
Adapted into: ????
Original airing: ????
Producer ????
Author: Dan Tom Fox
Production Order

Power Rangers: Lightning Force is a Power Ranger fan series story created by Dan Tom Fox.


When a piece of a Zordan's plasma Tube land on Earth years later,it has power,as well as Zordan's life force,meaning he's still alive,when Lightning strike's it,it draws out "20" Powers each a Different color,they then go to a seperate directions,each picking a person,giving his & her Powers,it's by then that lead villian;DaLiquidfy appear to take over,it's right there that 9 of the Youths became Power Rangers to battle the (forces).


Ranger: Color: Series:
Miles "Tails" Prower Red Sonic the Hedegehog
Rita the Fox Magenta Jungtledyret Hugo
Bentley Raccoon Blue The Raccoons
Kayla Kitten Yellow Alcatraz (user Judgepikachu
Pipkin Rabbit Black Watership Down (TV Series)
Huckleberry "Huck" Finn Green Tom Sawyer (2000 MGM Film)
Angel Pink Lady & The Tramp 2
Fly Orange Help I'm a Fish
Gwendolyn Cat Purple Fearless Four (1997)
Little Cato Vermillion Final Space 10th/6th

=== Extra: ===

Ranger: Color: Series:
Pepeline Kitten Aqua Felidae
Rachel Raccoon White Belong to user Jonathan Roth
Robespierre Kitten Gray Gay Purr-ee
Peter Puppy Teal Earthworm Jim (TV Series)
Skunk Gold Skunk Fu!
Scruffy Puppy Silver Scruffy (TV Special)
Edmond (Cat) Bronze Rock-A-Doodle
Sport Tan Little Dogs on the Prairie
Ruff Cat Indigo Ruff & Reddy
Willy Sparrow Brown Willy the Sparrow

Near the End:[]

Rangers: Color: Series:
Rocket "Rocky" J. Squirrel Periwinkle Rocky & Bullwinkle
Adorabat Chartreuse Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart
Booker Mauve Orson's Farm/Garfield & Friend
Rita the Cat Burgundy Rita & Runt/Animaniacs
Mic Fox Mahogany A Winter Story Series
Michelle Fox Lavender A Winter Story/Turkey Love


Transformation Devices:[]

  • Lightning Morphers (Lightning Bolt is different color,according to the Rangers' Colors)


  • Lightning Blaster (Blaster fires different color,lightning bolt on it is also different color)
  • Lightning Bolt Dagger (Blade a different Color)


  • Red Lightning Sword
  • Magenta Lightning Fris-Discs
  • Blue Lightning Baseball Bat & Power Baseball
  • Yellow Lightning Bow & Arrow
  • Black Lightning Axe
  • Green Lightning Sling Shot
  • Pink Lightning Boomerang
  • Orange Lightning Nunchucks
  • Purple Lightning Power Guitar
  • Vermillion Lightning Sais



Dragon Zords[]

(Spyro & Cynder(Legends of Spyro) became zords by strike by Power Lightning.)

Ram Zord[]

  • Chirin

(Chirin (From Chirin's Bell) became a zord by strike by Power Lightning.)

Trumpeter Swan Zord[]

  • Louie

(Louie (From The Trumpet of the Swan (2001 FILM))became a zord by strike by Power Lightning.)

Reindeer Zords[]

  • Rudolph
  • Zoey

(Rudolph & Zoey(From Rudolph 1998 Movie)became zords by strike by Power Lightning.)


  • Zordon
  • Alpha 5
  • Kyrten From Red Dwarf
  • Chief Miles O'Brien
  • Carlton the Doorman
  • Lyoko Warriors (a "Ranger Team-up")



I'm thinking of a villian called:DALIQUIDFY(da-liquid-fy)(I know,weird name.)he has 5 "henchman"include:

Count grierhode(2nd in command act more like lead villian),jodno,ligney,zoiya(secretly daliquidfy's daughter,with daliquidfy the only 1 who knows.) & mathion.

i'll write more when i can.