Power Rangers: BEAST Steel
Number 100
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First episode: BEAST Awakening
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Intro: Here we Go, BEAST Steel
Adapted from: Shuryō Sentai Kojuranger VRAINS
Adapted into:
Original airing: March 2, 2019
Author: Zekons
Production Order
PR: Mecard
The Power Rangers Beast Fury
Power Rangers: BEAST Steel is the 100th season of PR the Series and the first season of The Power Rangers series. This series was about Samuel Nakaoka's granddaughter named Aiji Nakaoka Joo who was kidnapped by Galvamax in the present time that was destroyed by her, but with the help of Ripcon, he and Aiji escapes with the Time Pod. It was continuation series that can used for VRAINS dubbed series. This series also has incorporated with Kyurangers and Lupinrangers VS Patrangers.



BEAST Steel RangersEdit

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Ranger Character
Volcan Aiji Nakaoka Joo/Vrains
Iceage Ikaru Hojo
Mana Shun Hartford






  • Ripcon
  • Gine
  • Yusaku Fujiki
  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second/Skye Zaizen
  • George Gore
  • Ema Bessho

SOL TechnologiesEdit

  • Akira Zaizen
  • Risa Hayami
  • Bishop
  • Knight
  • Rook
  • Kitamura

Knights of the HanoiEdit

  • Kiyoshi Kogami (sealed inside somewhere in the data world)
  • Ryoken Kogami/Varis
  • Specter
  • Aso/Faust
  • Clarissa Turner/Baira
  • Dr. Genome
  • Hanoi's Knights
  • Hanoi Deleters


Deskari UltimatumEdit

Chimera Rangers Characters

Red Ranger


Galactix Ranger


Smog Ranger


Darkness Ranger

  • Ai (Formerly)

Galactix WarriorsEdit


Transformation DevicesEdit




Capsule Zord SystemEdit

Main Zord FormationEdit

Auxilary Zord FormationEdit


Yusaku ArcEdit

  1. BEAST Awakening
    • Beginning to Aiji Arc
  2. Saiyan To The Past
  3. The New Power Rangers
    • Concludes to Aiji Arc
  4. Dimension Reactions
    • Beginning to BEAST Steel Arc
  5. Perfection or Failure
  6. Beetle on the Road
  7. Crushing Link
  8. Drill Like The Mole
  9. The True Blues
  10. Unlikely Foe
  11. Varis Duel (Part One)
  12. Ignis Origins (Part Two)
  13. Aiji's Bonds (Part Three)
  14. The Mysterious Ghost (Part One)
  15. Ghost Gal Arrival (Part Two)
  16. Start your Battlewing
  17. ???
  18. ???
  19. ???
  20. ???
  21. Onto the Solar
  22. ???
  23. ???
  24. ???
  25. ???
  26. ???
  27. Aiji into the VRAINS
  28. Evox Unleashed (It was revealed that Evox's true identity is Venjix Virus who was being destroyed by RPM Red Ranger)
  29. ???
  30. Ai's Dark Day
  31. The Meian Duo
  32. Queen's Big Day
  33. ???
  34. ???
  35. ???
  36. ???
  37. ???
  38. Showdown into the Rebellion (first part of VRAINS Arc's finale as Yusaku Fujiki is revealed to be Samuel Nakaoka and Leona's genetic artificial son created by Leona West himself and continues the battle against Ai and won)
  39. Virus Deletion (second part of VRAINS Arc's finale as Venjix/Evox is finally destroyed by Yusaku's suicide attack, but his head survived and warns Aiji and the others that his daughter is arriving on the Earth)
  40. VRAINS Unleashed (final part of VRAINS Arc's finale which the conclusion of VRAINS Arc and the one who responsible for the events is revealed to be Skye Zaizen who has been controlled by the true antagonist: Deskarimon)

Deskarimon ArcEdit

  1. The Beginning Invasion
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???
  8. ???
  9. ???
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???
  13. ???
  14. ???
  15. ???
  16. ???
  17. ???
  18. ???
  19. ???
  20. ???
  21. ???
  22. ???
  23. ???
  24. ???
  25. ???
  26. ???
  27. ???
  28. ???
  29. ???
  30. ???
  31. BEAST Unleashed (The final part of Deskarimon's final battle, Yusaku reveals his true form at front of Aiji and her friends and say tearfully goodbye to them)
  32. Final Episode: Friendship Eternally (Samuel Nakaoka the Second return home as Aiji and the others prepare for the party before she reunited with her best friend; Yusaku)


  1. PR the Series the Movie: Samuel's Last Journey
  2. PR the Series the Movie: BEAST Fury


  • Unlike Kouranger VRAINS, it has 23-minutes episodes with adding both footages and exclusive-footages.
  • This is the first series that have American-exclusive Zords and original Zord footages as well full American-exclusive Ranger fights.

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