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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
Dino Thunder Rangers.Jpg
Vital statistics
Number 12

Number of Episodes 36
First Episode Return of the Dino Part 1
Last Episode Thunder Strike Part 2

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date 6/9/18
Producer Unknown
Author Dragonboy546
Production Order
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Power Rangers: SPD

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder is a power rangers fan fiction series created by: Dragonboy546


After Mesagog was destroyed The Dino Rangers returned to normal lives when in the year 2019 Mesogogs daughter Mesagona who wants revenge where the kids of the Former Dino Thunder Rangers became the new Power Rangers Dino Thunder to fight Mesagona’s Army.


Dino Thunder Rangers[]

Main article: Dino Thunder Rangers

Color Role Actors
Red Dino Ranger Kai McKnight Stella Hudgens
Black Dino Ranger Mike Oliver Noah Crawford
Yellow Dino Ranger Saara McKnight Caroline Sunshine
Blue Dino Ranger Henry James Carlos Knight
Pink Dino Ranger Hannah Hart Selena Gomez
White Drago Ranger Trent Hernandez Ross Lynch


  • Veteran Dino Thunder Rangers.
  • Hayley Ziktor
  • Dr. Anton Mercer
  • Bella and Robbie Richardson
  • Elsa
  • New Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  • New SPD Rangers


  • Angela James
  • Mr. Jacobs
  • Thomas Herman
  • Daisy Wong
  • Sean Black
  • Gia Moran (Megaforce and Super Megaforce Yellow)


  • Mesagona
  • Ella
  • Zevon
  • Evil White Ranger Clone

Foot soldiers[]

  • Tyrannodrones




Power Weapons[]



  1. Return of the Dino Part 1
  2. Return of the Dino Part 2
  3. Waving Goodbye
  4. Legacy of Past and New Power Rangers
  5. Return in Black
  6. Deeva in Distress
  7. Game on
  8. Golden Girl
  9. Outside of the Surface
  10. Ocean Alerts
  11. White Thunder Part 1
  12. White Thunder Part 2
  13. White Thunder Part 3
  14. Truth and Consequences
  15. Leader of the Whack
  16. Burning Ends
  17. The Lost Bones
  18. A Bully for James
  19. Lost and Found in Translations
  20. It’s Mad Mad very Mackerel
  21. Copy That
  22. Test of the Triassic
  23. A Star is Torn
  24. Disappearing act
  25. Fighting Spirits
  26. Passion of Kai
  27. Isn’t it Lava-ly
  28. Strange Revlation
  29. Ninja Thunder Part 1
  30. Ninja Thunder Part 2
  31. In Our Dreams
  32. House of Cards
  33. Trust in Each Other
  34. Thunder Strike Part 1
  35. Thunder Strike Part 2



Background Information[]