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Power Rangers: Elements
Vital statistics
Number 8

Number of Episodes Unknown
First Episode Elements Uprising
Last Episode Power of the Elements

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date 6/26/18
Producer Haim Saban
Author Redette Ranger
Production Order
Power Rangers: T.Q.A
Power Rangers: Galaxy Rescue

Plot Edit

An Evil Empire Called the Galaxy Empire lead by an Evil jupiterror that will take over Earth when 2 Teens from the Planet Mariana Found Elements Stones and Use it’s Powers to find Others the 6 other Stones went missing when 3 Teens from Earth Found the Stones they use its Powers to Transform into the Power Rangers Elements to fight of this Evil.

Characters Edit

Element Rangers

Color Role Actors
Red Element Ranger Josh Garcia Darce Montgomery
Blue Water Ranger Mikaela Garcia Naomi Scott
Yellow Lightning Ranger Xander Jensen RJ Cyler
Green Forest Ranger Leo Ludi Lin
Pink Wind Ranger Lea Becky G
Gold Sand Ranger Lily Merville Nichole Bloom
Silver Iron Ranger Jason Eric Lively
White Snow Ranger Macey Mercedes McNab


Color Role Actor
Manga Defender Magna Defender >

Josh Garcia

Kerrigan Mahan > Austin Swift
  • Alpha 6
  • DECA
  • Princess Starla

Villains Edit

  • King Jupiterror
  • Queen Marsa
  • Prince Statron
  • Princess Urana
  • Prince Neptane
  • Giltz
  • Marisia
  • Asteroidrones

Arsenal Edit


  • Element Morohers
  • Element Rings
  • Magna Morpher


  • Fire Sword
  • Water Bow
  • Forest Spear
  • Lightning Clutch
  • Air Fan
  • Sand Claws
  • Iron Fist
  • Snow Staff
  • Magna Blaster

Individual Weapons Edit

  • Element Blaster
  • Element Ultra Blaster

Zords Edit

Megazords Edit

Episodes Edit

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