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Power Rangers: Galaxy Arise
Vital statistics
Number Unknown

Number of Episodes Unknown
First Episode Galaxy Arise (Episode)
Last Episode Journey’s End Part 3

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date August 18, 2018
Producer Haim Saban
Author Redette Ranger
Production Order
Power Rangers: Shaolin Steel
Power Rangers: Throttle Squad

65 years ago, there was a Planet Called Anathenia where they were Uponed the Galaxy Neon Sabers upon the stones where great warriors will release them when the evil Scorpiana and her evil forces has conquer the planet as her general Furia has turned the planet to stone when a Girl Named Naya escapes through a Portal to a different world in limbo until she reawaken when the Sabers are called for her and Five Chosen Warriors.

65 years later, Former Blue Ranger, Kai Chen is assisting a new colonist and befriends with an Space and Galaxy Rangers fan, Charlie Wilson, and she and her 3 friends Olivia Stanford and Jake Fuller and Damon Anderson and her Big brother Brandon helped Naya retrieved the Galaxy Neon Sabers And Became the Galaxy Arise Power Rangers. ==

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Galaxy Arise Rangers

Color Role Actors
Galaxy Arise Red Charlie Wilson Nicole Gale Anderson
Galaxy Arise Green Damon Anderson RJ Cyler
Galaxy Arise Blue Jake Fuller Chritopher Jacot
Galaxy Arise Yellow Naya Demi Lovato
Galaxy Arise Pink Olivia Stanford ▶️ Karona Emma Roberts ▶️ Kristin Cavallari

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