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Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue
Lightspeed rescue rangers
Vital statistics
Number Unknown

Number of Episodes 42
First Episode Lightspeed rescue returns
Last Episode End of Lightspeed

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date Unknown
Producer Haim Saban
Author Dragonboy546
Production Order
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers: Time Force

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue is a fan fic created by Dragonboy546. It takes place after Power Rangers Dragonforce with a new team and a new threat to the planet Earth.


When an evil Robot Queen and her forces threaten the peaceful city of Beverly Hills California its up to five new Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers to save the day, they're aided by the veteran Lightspeed rescue rangers that passed on their powers to the five new teens and as well as Mrs. Angela Rawlings and Vice Admiral William Mitchell. And along the way they meet the Cyberranger Terra the Dragonforce Red Ranger's Long thought to be dead in a car wreck brother Bobby Oliver.



Main: Lightspeed Rescue Rangers

Color Role Actors
Red Lightspeed Ranger Angel Nina Dobrev
Blue Lightspeed Ranger Larry Jack Griffo
Green Lightspeed Ranger Tony Ben Easter
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Sasha Lyndsey Fonesca
Pink Lightspeed Ranger Heather Mercedes McNab
Titanium Ranger Tyson TBA
Cyber Ranger Bobby TBA


  • Veteran Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
1 Carter Grayson (Sean Cw Johnson)
2 Chad Lee
3 Joel Rawlings
4 Kelsey Winslow
5 Dana Mitchell Grayson (Alison MacInnis)
6 Ryan Mitchell
  • Daisy-Tony's Crush
  • Operation Overdrive Rangers
Color Role Actor
Red Overdrive Ranger Mack Hartford James MacLurcan
Black Overdrive Ranger Will Aston Samuell Benta
Blue Overdrive Ranger Dax Lo Gareth Yuen
Yellow Overdrive Ranger Ronny Robinson Caitlin Murphy
Pink Overdrive Ranger Rose Ortiz Rhoda Montemayor
Mercury Ranger Tyzonn Dwayne Cameron
  • Vice Admiral William Mitchell
  • Angela Rawlings
  • Neptune
  • Marina
  • Other Rangers
    • Lost Galaxy
    • Time Force




Nega RangersEdit

Color Role
Nega Red Jane Mitchell
Nega Blue Henry Grayson
Nega Green Richard Grayson
Nega Yellow Molly
Nega Pink Daisy



Transformation DevicesEdit

Power-up Edit

Personal side armsEdit

Team BlasterEdit

◾ Rescue Claw
◾ Rescue Laser
◾ Rescue Cutter
◾ Rescue Drill
◾ Rescue Injector

Titanium Rangers weaponEdit

Cyber Rangers weaponsEdit



Ligtspeed Rescuezord SystemEdit

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ✶ team-piloted zord

Rail Rescue SystemEdit

    • Rail Rescue 1
    • Rail Rescue 2
    • Rail Rescue 3
    • Rail Rescue 4
    • Rail Rescue 5

Omegazord SystemEdit

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ● other
  • Orion Omega Megazord )



  • This is the first Power Rangers series in which the Green and Blue Rangers, not just the Red Ranger, receive battlizers or equipment very close to one.
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