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Power Rangers: Megaforce
Megaforce Rangers
Vital statistics
Number 20

Number of Episodes Unknown
First Episode New Mega Mission
Last Episode End of the Game

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date 6/16/18
Producer Haim Saban
Author Redette Ranger
Production Order
Power Rangers: Super Samurai
Power Rangers: Super Megaforce


18 years ago the Megaforce Rangers fought to defend earth and battled the X-Borgs with the Legendary Rangers and they’re missions was done. 18 years later Gosei guardian of the Legendary Rangers have chosen new Megaforce Rangers to defeat a new threat named Vakara who is Vrak and Vekar’s sister and Mavro’s daughter who will conquer earth for her families wishes the new team must use their knowledge of the old Legendary and new Legendary Rangers to defeat her and saved earth.


Mega RangersEdit

Color Role Actor
Megaforce Red Andrea Burrows Isabela Moner
Megaforce Pink Erin Jensen Naomi Scott
Megaforce Black Zack Chase Ludi Lin
Megaforce Yellow Claire Morgan Becky G
Megaforce Blue Billy Gibson RJ Cayler
Robo Knight Robo Knight Chris Auer (voice)

Allies Edit

Color Role Actor
Red Samurai Ranger Sarah Shiba Vanessa Hudgens
Blue Samurai Ranger Kyle Watanabe Nick Jonas
Pink Samurai Ranger Kelly Watanbe Kristen Stewart
Green Samurai Ranger William Jackson Joe Jonas
Yellow Samurai Ranger Amanda Jackson Emma Stone
Gold Samurai Ranger Paul Larson Stephen Lunsford

Civilians Edit

  • Mr. Burley
  • Lacie
  • Chad
  • Beck Morgan
  • J.D Miller
  • Lucy
  • Amanda
  • Rebecca

Villains Edit


Transformation DevicesEdit

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

  • Power Cards


Team Blaster and individual WeaponsEdit


Megazords Edit


  1. New Mega Mission
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