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Power Rangers: Ninja Steel
Vital statistics
Number 24

Number of Episodes TBA
First Episode A New Team
Last Episode TBA

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date Unknown
Producer Unknown
Author Dragonboy546
Production Order
Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge
Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is a fanfictional Power Rangers series created by Dragonboy546. It is the adaptation of the 2015 Super Sentai series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

Theme SongEdit

Go! Go! Power Rangers Ninja Steel!
Pushing evil with all our might together, Ninja Steel!
Never give up without a fight together, Ninja Steel!
Ninja Rangers into danger!
Go go Power Rangers!
Go go Power Rangers!

Standing up for what is right together, Ninja Spin!
Watching all that day or night together, Ninja Steel!
Ninja Rangers into danger!
Go go Power Rangers!
Go go Power Rangers!
Go! Ninja Steel!

Go! Go! Power Rangers Ninja Steel!
Go go Power Rangers!
Go go Power Rangers!
Go! Ninja Steel!


"When Galvanax, cruel champion of Galaxy Warriors, claimed the mighty Power Stars. Earths' greatest ninja sacrificed himself to keep the universe safe. 10 years later, a new generation of warriors rises up to protect the Ninja Power Stars. They are Power Rangers Ninja Steel".-Narrator

Saban's Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts When an Ancient Evil has awaken from its slumber its up to a new team of heroes to defend the Earth from the forces of Evil, led by Danielle Mitchell and her friends are chosen by Jason Lee Scott to become the Power Rangers: Ninja Steel.

They were joined by the Gold Ranger. The Gold Ranger is TBA



Main Article: Ninja Steel Rangers

Color Role Actors
Ninja Steel Red Ranger Danielle Mitchell Vanessa Hudgens
Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Daniel Larson Zac Efron
Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger Steven Nelson Booboo Stewart
Ninja Steel White Ranger Julie Samuels Emily Browning
Ninja Steel Pink Ranger Kimberly Oliver Amy Jo Johnson
Ninja Steel Gold Ranger James Mitchell Ross Lynch


Color Role Actor
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tina Navarro Arianna Grande
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chris Randall Carlos Knight
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Nicolas Ellis Ross Lynch
Dino Charge Green Ranger Ryan Griffin Noah Crawford
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Sarah Navarro Zendaya Coleman
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Tommy Oliver Jason David Franks
Dino Charge Graphite Ranger Matt Jameson Brad Hawkins
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Kayla Charles Claire Blackwelder
  • Veteran Red Rangers





Transformation devicesEdit

Multi-used DevicesEdit

Side armsEdit

  • Ninja Battle stars
  • Sword Mode
  • Bow Mode
  • Claw Mode
  • Ninja Blasters


Legend:◆ piloted zord, ➲ carrier zord, ● other

Individual ZordsEdit

  • Robo Red Zord
  • Dragon Zord
  • Nitro Zord
  • Kodiak Zord
  • Zoom Zord
  • Alternate Combination: Elephant Strike Megazord
    • Ninja Steel Megazord
    • Elephant Striker
  • Alternate Combination: UFO Strike Megazord
    • Ninja Steel Megazord
    • UFO Striker


  1. A New Team-Introducing Danielle, Daniel, Steven, Julie, and Kimberly returns and all of the villains and their first Morph and fight.
  2. Power Grid-As The Rangers are searching for away to stop Galvanax when he sends out his next monster to battle the rangers to take their Ninja Power Stars.
  3. Wrath of Ripcon-After being made a fool of by the Rangers and the Red Ranger's mother, Ripcon recruits Spinferno to try and to destroy the rangers and hand their Ninja power stars to Galvanax as well as recapture Karen and hand her to his master as his new Queen can the rangers stop this or will Danielle's mother be lost.
  4. Daniel gets a Gig - Daniel is amazed when he discovers he’s getting signed at a world renowned Record company, but this interferes with his ranger duties when Galvanax hatches a plan with a new monster to steal the Ninja Power Stars.
  5. Drive To Survive - When the Power Rangers are caught in the spiderweb prison of Galvanax’s latest monster Tangleweb, James must conquer his fear to unlock a new power and save them.
  6. Search for Karen-The Rangers search for Danielle's mother Karen who was taken by Ripcon but they can't find her, when Galvanax sends out a monster to keep the rangers busy.
  7. Hack Attack - Determined to take part in as many student activities as she can, Julie builds a device that allows her to clone herself, but the plan backfires when Galvanax's monster steals the technology for himself.
  8. Gold Rush - Both the Power Rangers and Galvanax attempt to find more information about the new mysterious Gold Ranger.
  9. Rocking and Rolling
  10. The Ranger Ribbon
  11. Poisonous Plots
  12. Family Fusion
  13. Ace and the Race
  14. The Royal Rival
  15. The Royal Rumble
  16. Monkey Business
  17. The Adventures of Redbot
  18. Abrakadanger
  19. Helping Hand
  20. Galvanax Rises
  21. Grave Robber
  22. Past, Presents, and Future


Production NotesEdit

  • The Producer tried to ask former Rangers to come back but most didn't want to come back seeing how it was with Saban, so he got a bunch of new actors and actresses to portray the rangers.
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