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Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Ninja Stom Rangers
Vital statistics
Number 11

Number of Episodes Unknown
First Episode Storm has Reborn
Last Episode End of the Storm Part 2

Intro Unknown
Adapted From Unknown
Air Date 6/25/18
Producer Haim Saban
Author Rednea
Production Order
Power Rangers: Wild Force
Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Plot Edit

After the evil Lothor was gone the Ninja Storm Rangers were done with they’re duties 7 years later a strained relationship between Shane Clarke’s 17 year old daughter who is on her Junior Year at college named Emily Clarke Where She and her 2 friends snuck to see the academy where they almost gotten caught by her father where the school was taken by a evil ninja named Lorette and the 3 teens became the new Power Rangers Ninja Storm to defeat this new threat.


Ninja Storm RangersEdit

Color Role Actor
Red Wind Ranger Devon Clarke Joshua Roman
Blue Wind Ranger Chloe Jason Virginia Gardner
Yellow Wind Ranger Fletcher Owens Kevin Zeager
Crimson Thunder Ranger Emily Clarke Lily Collins
Navy Thunder Ranger Miranda Bradley Genevieve Cortes
Green Samurai Ranger Crissa Watanabe Lucy Watson


  • Veteran Ninja Storm Ranger
Color Role Actor
Red Wind Ranger Shane Clarke Pua Magasiva
Blue Wind Ranger Tori Hanson Sally Martin
Yellow Wind Ranger Dustin Brooks Glenn McMillan
Crimson Thunder Ranger Hunter Bradley Adam Tuominen
Navy Thunder Ranger Blake Bradley Jorgito Vargas Jr.
Green Samurai Ranger Cameron Watanabe Jason Chan
  • Sensei Kanoi Watanabe
  • Kelly
  • Miko Watanabe
  • Liana Watanabe
  • Cyber Cam
  • Cyber Crissa
  • New Wild Force Rangers
  • New Dino Thunder Rangers


  • Lorette
  • Zurgane
  • Choobo
  • Vexacus
  • Motordrone
  • Kelzakz-Foot soldiers
  • Kelzak Furies-upgraded foot soldiers
  • Evil Ninja Rangers



Transformation DevicesEdit

Ninja weaponsEdit


Power weaponsEdit


  1. Storm has Reborn
  2. There’s No “I” in Team
  3. Beauty and the Beach
  4. Storm strike
  5. Looming Thunder
  6. Thunder Newbs
  7. Thunder Strangers Part 1
  8. Thunder Strangers Part 2
  9. Thunder Strangers Part 3


  • Ninja Storm has different elements then all the same wind, thunder, and samurai in Ninja Storm.
  • This is the 1st season to have a former ranger have a strained relationship with they’re daughter.
  • Ninja Storm is the 1st season to have different elements the next one will be Power Rangers: Elements


Background InformationEdit

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