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When an Ancient Evil has awaken from its slumber its up to a new team of heroes to defend the Earth from the forces of Evil, led by Dana and her friends are chosen by Jason Lee Scott to become the Power Rangers: Ninja Warriors.

They were joined by the Gold Ranger. The Gold Ranger is Peter Mitchell.


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Ninja RangersEdit

Color Role Actors
Ninja Red Dana Demi Lovato
Ninja Blue Karl Josh Hutchinson
Ninja Yellow Tyson Joe Jonas
Ninja White Sasha Elizabeth Gilles
Ninja Pink Ashley Ashley Tisdale
Ninja Gold Peter TBA


  • Jason Lee Scott
  • Michelle Peterson
  • Galaxy Rangers


  • Mistress Mishara Kendar
  • Master Y'arnar
  • Shinobi Warriors-Foot soldiers
  • Great Shogun Shien
  • Shadow of the Six Samurai -Shien



Transformation devicesEdit



    • Shinobi Striker
    • Dragon Striker
    • Dump Striker
    • Dog Striker
    • Speed Striker
  • Alternate Combination: Elephant Strike Megazord
    • Ninja Strike Megazord
    • Elephant Striker
  • Alternate Combination: UFO Strike Megazord
    • Ninja Strike Megazord
    • UFO Striker


  • 1.07 Out of Time (2): As the Ninja Force Rangers battles Clock-Claw Timer-Tiger where they meets the pest and younger Sosuke and Miko Shikai and save them from Clock-Claw Timer-Tiger. Now, they must defeat Clock-Claw Timer-Tiger and save time and space before its two late.
  • 1.08Ranger Pink: A new Youkai, Flighterminator, has appeared in the city. When the Ninja Warriors Rangers arrive, they find that it has just been giving balloons to children. The Youkai claims it just wants to be popular. The ninjas decide to watch it for a while, taking turns. However, April is unable to get enough sleep since she is continuing with her university studies. She dreams of becoming a scientist, but has started to have doubts about whether she can be both a student and a Ninja Warrior Ranger. Then, Sosuke and Flighterminator disappear… However, she meet her science teacher, Lily Parkfield who is the Cyan Ninja Force Ranger who helps the Rangers to fight against Ungakiflighterror.
  • 1.09Ninjutsu vs. Magic: Lloyd and Oliver's mother, Dani O'Brien arrives to take Lloyd and Oliver and tells them that thee is no longer the Blue and Green Ninja Force Rangers. However, Ittan-momen attacks. What will Lloyd and Oliver choice: continuing being the Blue and Green Ranger or going back to learning magic?
  • 1.10The Golden Cowboy Ninja: Jason has been attack. The team creates a plan to lure the attacker in. The culprit, who fell squarely into the trap, was the guitar carrying Kenji. After the team surrounds him, he transform into the Gold Ninja Force Ranger. His flashy techniques send the Ninja Force Rangers flying away. Meanwhile, the youkai monster Crusher appears. The Ninja Force Rangers arrive at the sence only to find Kenji already there. What are his intentions in Ninjutsu City?
  • 1.11 Good Bye, Ape Zord: When Dana lose the Ape Zord, he must get it while the others battle Enreanra. Meanwhile, Masque and Raizo form a plan of obtaining the Ninja of the End by reviving the other generals.
  • 1.12The Ultimate Combination: All six of the Ninja Warriors must find a way of how to work together and combine the Ninja Force Megazord and the Cowboy Fighter Megazord into Super Ninja Force Megazord in order to stop a powerful Raizo Fury, once and for all. Meanwhile, Masque begins to start revealing the fallen general when Raizo begins his last stand against the Ninja Force Rangers!
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